Godfall: Challenger Edition on PS Plus challenges players to buy full game

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Godfall: Challenger Edition is December 2021’s free PS5 title for PS Plus members. However, it’s not even the full game.

It’s the Holiday season which also means it’s that time of year where gaming platforms give away a bunch of titles for free. Epic Games hands out a plethora of amazing titles, Yogcast hosts the infamous Jingle Jam, and Steam offers some of the best deals of the year.

With it being the beginning of December, PS Plus members also have a handful of new free games to play. And the lineup this month looks pretty stunning at first glance.

PS Plus members can download LEGO DC Super Villains, Mortal Shell, and Godfall: Challenger Edition on PS5 and PS4. Yet, the Challenger Edition of Godfall isn’t the full game excluding the entirety of the campaign.

Godfall: Challenger Edition is only the postgame

The shield in Godfall
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Godfall is a PlayStation console exclusive released in 2020

Godfall was released in November 2020, as a PlayStation console exclusive. It had mediocre reception from critics and quickly faded into obscurity. But now players can finally try Godfall without buyers remorse.

I say “try out” because it’s not the full game. Godfall: Challengers Edition skips the game’s entire campaign and drops players in the post-game at max level with the best gear.

The game gives players the option to boost their character to max level but excludes the option to play the game’s story. Instead, players will be limited to Godfall’s three endgame modes: Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and Ascended Tower of Trials.

If you paid money for Godfall, don’t worry. The Challenger Update will be available for everyone for free. Sadly, Challenger Edition owners will have to purchase the Deluxe Edition if they want to enjoy any of the game’s story.

It’s odd that PlayStation is treating this limiting edition of the game as a positive. Especially when plenty of people on social media are expressing their disappointment.

Regardless, at least we can play the entirety of Mortal Shell this Holiday season. For more PlayStation news, check out the two League of Legends games coming to PS4 and PS5.

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