God of War Ragnarok fans are divided about Thor’s hairless armpits

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A close-up of Thor in God of War Ragnarok showcases the God of Thunder’s hairless armpits – and it’s sparked an interesting debate among fans.

The internet didn’t know how to react when Santa Monica Studio unleashed artwork of God of War’s Thor late last year.

There were those who poked fun at the character’s rotund frame, thinking his build should mirror that of the MCU hero. However, countless others applauded the adherence to Norse mythology that implies a heftier, strongman-esque build for the Thunder God.

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And now that most have accepted the design, a recent discovery in Ragnarok managed to engender yet another debate.

God of War Ragnarok players wonder why Thor lacks armpit hair

A scene in the latest God of War entry shows Thor lifting one arm while toasting the warriors that surround him. Instead of focusing on the rambunctious cheers, one player couldn’t keep their eyes off Thor’s underarms.

“Why is Thor shaving his armpits,” dr_tel asked on the gaming subreddit. The accompanying screenshot reveals the son of Odin does, indeed lack body hair under his arms.

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Of course, fans were quick to share their theories. “It’s so he’s more aerodynamic when he fights,” one person said in jest.

Others joked that it may help him throw Mjölnir with “greater force.” The need to shave could also stem from how often his shoulder pads chafe, another person posited.

A few other Redditors think the reasoning may rest in efficiency on the development side of things. Thor’s lack of armpit hair in God of War Ragnarok could save on processing power, for example.

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Someone else pointed out that animating and modeling such details isn’t exactly an easy task. Whatever the case, it’s good to know Thor takes his cleanliness seriously.

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