God of War Ragnarok delay rumors debunked by industry sources

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God of War Ragnarok delay rumors Kratos Atreus stare down
Sony Santa Monica

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has suggested that reports of a God of War: Ragnarok delay may be wide of the mark.

Update (June 9):

In a series of ResetEra posts, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier has noted that some firsthand and secondhand sources have suggested that there is no news about God of War: Ragnarok being delayed.

“It’s hard to definitely prove a negative but Someone Who Would Know Firsthand just told me they haven’t heard anything about a slip to 2023, as did Someone Else Who Might Know Secondhand,” Schreier writes.

In a follow-up, the author also says “as usual, this is not a guarantee that the game will come out in 2022 and video game development is so turbulent that you should never trust a release date until the product in question is in your hands.”

“This Gamereactor report appears to be false,” Schreier adds, suggesting that the game could still be coming in 2022.

Original story follows:

Sony and developer Santa Monica Studio announced the God of War (2018) sequel during PlayStation’s September 2020 games showcase. At the time, the title was set to launch in 2021.

Few were surprised when the Santa Monica-based team announced plans to postpone the project’s release in June 2021. Kratos actor Christopher Judge later revealed the lengthy delay was due to his need for recovery after back surgery.

Finer details aside, neither Sony nor Santa Monica Studio has offered an update on the matter, despite a recent God of War Ragnarok production milestone suggesting a potential 2022 rollout.

God of War Ragnarok could receive another delay

god of war ragnarok delay Kratos gameplay reveal trailer
God of War’s Kratos

A report from Gamereactor Spain claims that several “European sources” believe God of War Ragnarok will hit PlayStation platforms sometime in 2023, as opposed to its presumed 2022 launch window.

At the time of writing, Sony has yet to address the ongoing release date speculation surrounding Kratos’ next adventure. The rumors won’t likely slow down anytime soon, either.

Gamereactor Spain’s report follows on the heels of PlayStation Game Size revealing that PSN’s database recently changed God of War Ragnarok’s due date.

The PlayStation Network’s backend previously had God of War slated for September 30, a placeholder hinting at its arrival in Q3 2022.

Now the listing boasts a December 31 date, which could mean Santa Monica Studio will ship the sequel in the fourth quarter of this year.

When Sony plans to finally lift the lid on its plans for God of War Ragnarok remains a mystery. But PlayStation’s forthcoming involvement in Summer Game Fest could provide an answer since the event kicks off on Thursday, June 9.

In the event that God of War’s next entry does launch in 2023, it will be interesting to see whether or not it remains a cross-gen title for PS4 and PS5.

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