When does God of War Ragnarok get its New Game Plus mode?

God of War Ragnarok gameplaySony

While God of War Ragnarok gives players an epic new adventure to grind through, providing a wealth of powerful loot and steep challenges along the way, many are already looking ahead to New Game Plus. Here’s what we know about the upcoming mode.

When Santa Monic Studio’s God of War reboot launched to critical acclaim in 2018, it did so as a singular experience. Once the main storyline wrapped up and players got through an abundance of side content, there was little else to do.

That was until a mega-sized update arrived months later as New Game Plus entered the mix in August of 2018.

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This new mode gave players a reason to double back and enjoy the full game once again, carrying all unlocked equipment over to the fresh playthrough while presenting new challenges and loot throughout.

The mode added heaps of replayability to an already beloved title and went down a treat in the community. But is the 2022 sequel set follow suit? While the game also arrived without a New Game Plus feature, we do know for certain it’s on the way in God of War Ragnarok.

Is there a New Game Plus mode in God of War Ragnarok?

At the time of writing, God of War Ragnarok does not yet feature a New Game Plus mode. Currently, there’s no way to keep your unlocked equipment and boosted stats in a fresh playthrough.

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Your only option is to simply start the experience from scratch, perhaps opting for a higher difficulty tier if you’re looking for a tougher challenge. That also means there’s no extra loot to seek out on a second run. Instead, the rarest pieces of equipment are all contained within the one journey.

As a result, the highest power level Kratos can currently reach in Ragnarok is nine, once all equipped weapons, armor, and modifications are upgraded to the max. Though should a New Game Plus option arrive soon, there’s every chance we’ll be going beyond that limit.

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God of War gameplaySony
When New Game Plus arrived in God of War (2018) it came with a range of powerful new equipment for Kratos and Atreus.

When does New Game Plus arrive in God of War Ragnarok?

Fortunately, fans holding out for New Game Plus don’t have to wait much longer. Santa Monica Studio confirmed Ragnarok’s New Game plus mode will debut in Spring 2023.

While this is obviously still a fairly large window for release, it does nail down the launch between March and June. We’ll have to wait for further details on a specific date that we can return for new content in Ragnarok.

Our money is on a mid-2023 release for New Game Plus in Ragnarok, with many of the same gameplay changes taking effect once again.

From more challenging Berserker fights to fresh armor sets and a higher rarity for the most powerful loot, there should be plenty of incentive for another playthrough in the near future.

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Rest assured though, we’ll keep you updated right here with all the latest details as they emerge.