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God of War Ragnarok may get 2022 release as actor reveals major milestone

Published: 7/Jun/2022 14:47

by Andrew Highton


2022 is supposed to be the release date for Santa Monica’s God of War Ragnarok and all signs are pointing to this being the case, especially now that Thor actor Ryan Hurst has completed his work for the game.

Kratos is gearing up for a titanic showdown against more mythical deities in God of War Ragnarok and the sequel has been penciled in for a 2022 release for a while now. As well as a God of War TV show being in the works, fans are patiently waiting for an official release date for God of War Ragnarok to drop to entertain the possibility of the game dropping this year.


The game was recently rated in Korea, a good sign that it’s progressing well, and now actor Ryan Hurst, the voice and motion capture actor for Thor, has revealed that he’s finished his part in the game.

tyr and kratos facing off in god of war ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok on course for its 2022 release date?

The talents of Ryan Hurst have been featured in various TV shows and films over the years, most notably as Opie in Sons of Anarchy and Beta in The Walking Dead. For gamers though, his involvement in God of War Ragnarok is set to be crucial with the actor portraying the mighty Thor.

Given the events of the God of War reboot in 2018, you figure that Hurst is going to play a big role in the events of Ragnarok, and the actor confirmed during a recent Comic Con Revolution 2022 appearance that he had finished “the last little tiny bit of God of War for Thor.”


Ryan broke down the process of how he landed the role, the vision of the devs, and the actual execution of becoming Thor for God of War Ragnarok.

“The two creators of the video game, they came over to my house for like five hours and showed me all the artwork and described this story for the entire video game which was super complex and it was this rich tapestry of stuff,” Hurst said.

He would go on to say that he enjoys seeking out new challenges and the chance “to do motion capture for a video game was a lot of fun.” There’s been nothing from Sony to suggest the game is going to be delayed again, so fingers crossed for a 2022 release date.