GGST update 1.18 patch notes: Guilty Gear character buffs, nerfs & changes

guilty gear strive patch notes 1.18 headerArc System Works

Guilty Gear Strive is getting an update in the form of Version 1.18 coming on June 10 across all platforms which adjusts mechanics and adds a slew of buffs and nerfs to the roster.

Guilty Gear Strive has been going strong since launch, with a solid community foundation on both PC & console.

With Season 1 coming to an end almost a year after launch, players are excited to dive into everything new in Season 2.

Now fans know that June 10 marks the start of Guilty Gear Strive’s Season 2 content and Arc System Works has unveiled the full patch notes for Version 1.18.

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Guilty Gear Strive Version 1.18 patch notes

My and Sol in Guilty Gear Strive

Version 1.18 will roll out on June 10 across PS4, PS5, and Steam at the same time, bringing a ton of new balance adjustments to nearly every aspect of the game.

In terms of Universal Mechanics, Roman Cancel is changed so that “canceling into a normal or special move from a Roman Cancel now triggers a slow-down effect, and limits the Tension gauge cost.”

Additionally, Counter Hit and Faultless Defense are getting tweaked, with Standing P and Crouching K triggering slow-down effects on counter hit and Faultless Defense getting a dedicated button instead of an input method.

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Version 1.18 also heavily revised a variety of Input Mechanics, such as adjusting Input Priority for normal and special moves and for aerial and grounded versions of the same inputs.

Guilty Gear Sol gameplay

In terms of specific character buffs and nerfs, this new patch adjusted all 20 characters in Guilty Gear Strive’s roster.

Some highlights include nerfs to Sol Badguy’s Standing K, Crouching K, and Far Standing S. Giovanna also received nerfs to her Crouching K, Jumping D, and Sepultura.

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In terms of buffs, most of Anji Mito’s moves sped up and some of his hurtboxes were reduced. Jack-O’ received similar treatment, with most of her moves being sped up and receiving the ability cancel moves like Jumping D more easily.

The full patch notes for Guilty Gear Strive Version 1.18 are listed below:

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