Gearbox CEO accused of possessing underage pornography in midst of lawsuit

by Virginia Glaze
Borderlands 2, Gearbox / Carlos Ramirez, Flickr


The CEO of American game studio ‘Gearbox’ is facing allegations of possessing ‘underage’ pornography, among other claims, in the midst of a vicious legal battle against the company’s former general counsel.


Wade Callender, former general counsel for Gearbox, accused CEO Randy Pitchford of leaving a USB stick full of his own “personal collection of 'underage' pornography" at a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament location not far from the studio’s headquarters in 2014.

Additionally, Callender alleged that both Pitchford and his wife were draining finances from the company to fund what an ongoing lawsuit called “Peacock Parties,” where adult male partygoers "reportedly exposed themselves to minors, to the amusement of Randy Pitchford."



These allegations arose in the midst of a lawsuit suit filed in November (as initially reported by Kotaku), where Callendar also held that Pitchford received a whopping $12 million bonus in secret from game publishers ‘Take-Two Interactive’ ahead of profits gained by ‘Borderlands’ sales.

Pitchford has since offered a startling rebuttal to the allegations, even corroborating parts of Callendar’s claims.

“I realized, this is not a sex worker," Pitchford said of the pornography during an episode of the ‘Piff Pod’ podcast. "This is a fucking magician."

Pitchford has since released a statement via Twitter denying any allegations of hosting “Peacock Parties” and possessing child pornography.


Pitchford went on to describe the pornography as “barely legal,” claiming that the actress’ handle was “Only 18.” He argued that there was only one pornographic video on the device, and held that the only reason for it being on the drive was due to a “magic trick” where the actress allegedly faked female ejaculation.

Since these allegations have become public, Gearbox has accused Callander's claims, via Kotaku, of being "based in lies" and "promoting a narrative he knows is false."