Gang Beasts controls list: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, more


One of the wackiest party games available for players to check out has been Gang Beasts, and the popular game has some odd controls that you’ll want to get to grips with before diving in! 

While most of us are fixed on some of the big releases coming out in 2021, with titles such as Pokemon and Forza Horizon 5, it’s always good to sit back and chill out with some classic party games, and Gang Beasts certainly fits that criteria.

The game’s format is essentially a battle royale, with you and up to seven other players punching, kicking, grabbing, and throwing each other until there’s only one player left standing.

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With some hysterical moments bound to happen, you’re going to want to get up to speed with all the controls within the game, and we’ve got you covered.


gang beasts ringBoneloaf
Gang Beasts offers some crazy maps that’ll keep you on your toes.

Gang Beasts controls

Now that you’ve downloaded Gang Beasts and are ready to have some all-out fun with some of your friends, or with random people within the online matchmaking, you’re going to need to get up to speed with the controls. After all, pulling off crazy punches and headbutts is going to be key to winning matches.

With the game currently playable on multiple platforms, we’re going to run over all the controls for each down below.

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Action Key
Run Hold Space while moving
Jump Space
Duck Control
Crawl Control while moving
Headbutt Tap Control
Punch Mouse 1 or Mouse 2
Kick M
Grab Hold Mouse 1 or Mouse 2
Two-Handed Grab Hold both Mouse 1/2
Taunt Hold Shift
Backflip Hold M/Space and release M
Slide Tackle WASD and hold Space/M
Charged Headbutt Press Space/Control and then hold Control
Powerslide WASD and hold M and Control
Change Camera Left/Right Arrow
Throw Mouse 1/2 and gain momentum with WASD and let go of M1/M2
Super Punch Press M1/M2 then quickly press Control
Body Slam Press Space and Control near a ledge
Handstand Hold M1/M2 along with Control and Space
Menu Escape
Slow time Minus


Action Key
Move Left Joystick
Run A while moving
Jump A
Duck B
Crawl Hold B
Headbutt B
Punch LB/RB
Kick X
Grab LB/RB
Two-Handed Grab LB/RB at the same time
Taunt Y
Backflip Hold X/A and release X
Slide Tackle Left Joystick and Hold A/X
Charged Headbutt A/B and Hold B
Powerslide Left Joystick and Hold X/B
Change Camera D-Pad
Throw LB/RB and gain momentum with Left Joystick and let go of LB/RB
Super Punch Press B and quickly press LB/RB
Body Slam Near a ledge press A/B
Handstand Hold B/LB/RB/X
Menu Menu Button


Action Key
Move Left Joystick
Run X while moving
Jump X
Duck O
Crawl Hold O
Headbutt O
Punch R1/L1
Kick O
Grab L1/R1
Two-Handed Grab L1/R1 at the same time
Taunt Triangle
Backflip Hold Square/X and release Square
Slide Tackle Left Joystick and Hold X/Square
Charged Headbutt X/O and Hold O
Powerslide Left Joystick and Hold Sqaure/O
Change Camera D-Pad
Throw L1/R1 and gain momentum with Left Joystick and let go of L1/R1
Super Punch Press O and quickly press L1/R1
Body Slam Near a ledge press X/O
Handstand Hold O/L1/R1/Square
Menu Menu Button

With a wide array of moves that players can pull off, Gang Beasts is surely a game you ought to check out if you’re in the mood for some crazy fun!