5 big things Xbox Games Showcase could unveil for Forza 8

Forza 8 announcements to expect at Xbox Games Showcase

Published: 21/Jul/2020 12:05

by David Purcell


Roaring engines, screeching tires, and whistling wind is all a part of the Forza Motorsport experience – and we’re expecting big things from the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, 2020.

Microsoft’s exclusive car racing franchise is broken up into two types of title, Horizon (which is an open world take on things) and the track-based Forza Motorsport series, which will have a brand new installment some time in the near future.

With so much talk already surrounding Sony’s Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5, this month’s event from Xbox is going to have to pull out all of the stops. Usually, new content would be revealed in front of a live audience during the E3 trade fair, although this year many audience-based events have been forced to cancel due to the current global situation.

Anyway, let’s jump into the big things developers may show us during the presentation.

Forza 8 reveal trailer

Forza 7 gameplay shot
A new action-packed trailer is expected to drop during the event.

If there’s one thing Xbox does just about better than anyone else, it’s car trailers.

Year after year the Forza trailers have been a thing of beauty, and now that we’re pretty light on details for the upcoming game, a reveal trailer looks to be on the cards.

Forza 8 release date

One thing we don’t yet know is the Forza 8 release date, and there’s a chance this year it will stray away from the typical launch window we’ve come to expect.

In recent years, these games have been coming out around late September or early October time, although this year Xbox have thrown a spanner in the works with their “Holiday release” of the Xbox Series X.

Could this mean we see Forza pushed back a bit to around February 2021? We should find out during this event.

New cars for Forza 8

Ford GT 2020
The Ford GT 2020 model is just one of many new vehicles fans should expect to see in Forza 8.

The Forza Motorsport selection of vehicles will usually comprise almost every manufacturer you could name off the top of your head. Porsche? They’ve got it. Ferrari? Of course. How about a Peel P50? Don’t tempt them, it’s happened before today.

This time around, we would expect to see a few of the newest and fastest cars on the market today appear in the trailer. These may include the sensational McLaren 720S, the Ferrari F8 Tributo, or something like the brand-spanking Ford GT 2020 model – as seen in a video review from influencer SuperCarBlondie.

No doubt, these three and many more will be included in the game. Hopefully, we’ll see them gliding across the tarmac in the presentation as well.

Forza 8’s next-gen experience

Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X will no doubt bring better graphics, and that can only be a good thing for Forza 8.

Microsoft have already confirmed that they won’t force their players to jump up to next-gen to enjoy fresh releases. In fact, by bundling together the Game Pass and xCloud streaming as of September this year, all new releases will roll out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and Forza is included in that.

That being said, just like we’ve seen from PlayStation with their FIFA 21 and Madden 21 trailers, a first-look at next-gen graphics looks to be a shoo-in for this event.

New racing mechanics, more realistic gameplay, additional features, more content packed into the game, and much more is expected to be announced soon – and we’ll let you know everything that gets confirmed once the dust has settled on Xbox Games Showcase this July.

Hopefully, all of these things are checked off soon enough.

Among Us

Mako and CouRage made Ninja ‘rage quit’ hilarious game of Among Us

Published: 27/Oct/2020 22:52

by Alan Bernal


Expert trolls and fellow 100 Thieves streamers CouRage and Mako had their fun with Ninja during an Among Us stream that made the world’s most popular gamer ‘rage quit’ in disbelief with what he was seeing.

Anyone who’s stepped into the shoddy facilities in Among Us knows that the game can devolve into hilarious antics to either convince people of your evidence or throw people off the trail.

While matches with strangers can sometimes morph into really sweaty games, playing with friends or acquaintances is where the fun really starts to heat up as you get to know everyone’s quirks and tells.

But knowing your enemy can also open the door to explosive moments, especially if you know what makes a particular person erupt in madness.

CouRage YouTube
The vote was split, no one was ejected, and Ninja wasn’t having it.

Well it looks like Ninja and company weren’t on the same page during one match, which gave way to an excellent moment in CouRage’s channel where the Red crew member ‘rage quit’ in a losing battle.

The game was down to just five crew members with two imposters still alive when a dead body was reported. This was basically matchpoint for the imposters if no one in the party got voted off or if the wrong person gets chosen.

“I screamed at the top of my lungs after I said ‘I passed.’ I put sus on Froste again but I f***ing passed, and the ones who voted him were Orange, Purple, and Pink,” Ninja protested as he presented his evidence.

This pivotal moment wasn’t lost on Ninja but – by the sound of it – the lobby was already tainted from previous games, which amounted to jokes and jabs going unrecognized within the actual discourse to find the imposter.

(Mobile Viewers: Timestamp at 11:23)

After crew members cast their votes, however, no one was ejected. He blew his lid at that point, since it gave the imposters a clear path to victory.

Apparently Ninja rage quit by leaving his Red crew member idle in the lost game, and CouRage said he even through his headset. Ninja later found out that the person he voted for, the Pink player, was indeed an imposter.

This is exactly the kind of tortuous gameplay that Among Us players equally love and hate, but this round didn’t quite go Ninja’s way.