Forspoken players split down the middle over “comical” game dialogue

Forspoken gameplay coverLuminous Productions

Forspoken launches PC and PlayStation 5 on January 23, 2023, and reviews of the game have produced mixed reactions from eager fans. This is especially true for several clips of in-game dialogue.

Forspoken, a fantasy RPG developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix, has had a rough time leading up to its launch. With fans unimpressed by demo gameplay, and many unsure of the main story, things don’t seem too promising for Forspoken as a whole.

Unfortunately, these mixed opinions were mirrored in the official reviews across most publications released on January 23. Many commented on the games lacking story, awkward dialogue, and an empty open world. While the game wasn’t labeled as terrible, it has received criticism that may impact those on the fence about trying it out.

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One area in Forspoken that seems to be causing the biggest controversy is the dialogue segments alongside the reviews. Main character Frey Holland is seen arguing with another character, where she mocks the person and speaks in a crass manner that many viewers were divided on.

Players attempt to reconcile Forspoken dialogue

In a Twitter post by XoxoGossipGita, the games journalist comments, “I’m sorry this is actually fine. This is some above-average to good comedy writing. Can’t speak for the rest of the game, but the lead’s voice acting sells it.”

They explain in another post that Forspoken is “Whedon-esque? A little bit, in that it’s colloquial and a bit quippy, but it doesn’t contain the most irritating hallmarks of his style. It’s also an actual joke—there is a setup and punchline. It’s fine!”

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However, other Forspoken players in the comments aren’t as enthused about the character’s line, with one stating, “I saw someone present basically like how it’s obvious this was probably written way long ago when every game and movie had dialogue like this.” and another adding “Having played the full game, to me this is actually an example of fine dialogue. Comedy is for the most part ok, although banter during gameplay is repetitive and not the words of a 21 yo born and raised New Yorker. It’s when it tries to do drama where the writing is actually bad”.

For those interested in seeing what they think of Forspoken for themselves, it will be available starting January 24, 2023.

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