Forspoken’s Frey shuts down Asmongold’s criticism with perfectly timed comeback

asmongold forspoken frey headerTwitch: Asmongold / Luminous Productions

Twitch streamer Asmongold gets hilariously shut down by Forspoken’s main character after criticizing elements of the game’s narrative.

Luminous Production’s Forspoken has earned criticism since its reveal thanks to the game’s dialogue, which fans and critics alike have called poorly written and cringe-inducing.

Despite these mixed reviews, the game has received some attention on Twitch following its release, with many streamers jumping on board to experience Forspoken for themselves.

One of those streamers was Asmongold, who was the victim of some hilariously perfect timing after he began criticizing the narrative surrounding Frey.

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Asmongold gets shut down by Forspoken’s Frey

During the early hours of Asmongold’s Forspoken playthrough, he encountered a story beat that saw Frey tried as a criminal before a fantasy council.

Frey is eventually knocked unconscious by guards and thrown in a dungeon, where she vents her frustration to her magical cuff and claims that everything that’s happened to her isn’t her fault.

However, Asmongold took issue with Frey’s rationale and begin to lay out the reasons why he thinks Frey earned her position in the dungeons in one Twitch clip.

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“This is 100% her fault, yeah. Number one: she’s stealing, number two: she didn’t get any food for her cat, number three: she had a bag full of money she couldn’t even take it-”

Unfortunately, before Asmongold could finish his thought, Frey cut in with a perfectly timed threat: “You say another f*cking word…” The threat apparently stumped the Twitch streamer for just a moment before he continued on with his thought.

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Despite some of his criticism on some of the story beats and writing throughout the stream, Asmongold seemed willing to wait and see where the rest of the game goes before fully passing judgment on the experience as a whole.

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