Former H1Z1 dev offers Dr Disrespect chance to make H1Z1 sequel

Dr Disrespect H1Z1Dr Disrespect / Daybreak Game Company

After officially announcing his own video game studio, Dr Disrespect has received an exciting offer to help make a H1Z1 sequel from a former dev of the game. 

Dr Disrespect recently revealed details on the new “vertical battle royale” he wants to build, with the hopes of rivaling Warzone and Apex Legends. While the Two-Time champ has often discussed his ideas for potential games, the streamer surprised everyone when he announced that he would be working with Boom TV to create “a new AA/AAA gaming studio that has a unique twist to it.” 

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Since then, many fans have been excited to see what the Doc’s plans are for future games and projects. However, it’s not just Dr Disrespect’s viewers that are eager to get on board as Adam Clegg – Senior Game Designer behind H1Z1 recently reached out to the popular Twitch streamer. 

Dr Disrespect and H1Z1 sequel

dr disrespect h1z1 potential sequelDr Disrespect / Daybreak Game Company
Dr Disrespect has played H1Z1 in the past.

Dr Disrespect’s studio aims to forge partnerships with a select list of influencers and then work closely with them to launch their dream gaming title. Interestingly, the studio also states that “gaming titles will either be incubated and developed OR partner/co-develop with existing indie game developers and launched as mega titles.”

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This potentially means existing titles could also be co-developed with the help of the Two-Time champ’s gaming studio should they be a good fit. With this in mind, Game Designer Adam Clegg was quick to jump on board. 

“Hey @drdisrespect if you buy the H1Z1 ip I’ll help you make H1Z1 2. Flip phone is on,” said the former H1Z1 developer. While the battle royale title isn’t as popular as it once was, the game still has a dedicated playerbase that enjoys the more methodical approach to combat. 

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Unlike other battle royale titles, Z1 enables players to scavenge and craft various items using the gathered materials. Everything from makeshift tools to body armor can be created, which adds another element of survival to the BR title. Since its release in 2015, H1Z1 has dropped in popularity considerably, but a sequel could potentially bring the title back into the forefront. 

This is especially true if Dr Disresepct were to team up with the game’s former designer. Back in 2018, Dr Disrespect even stated that he would “delete everything on H1Z1,” if he were given free rein over the game. “I would look at all of the good stuff that came out of H1Z1, all of the bad stuff… Take it in as an experience, take it in as feedback, take it in as a learning experience if you will, and make a way better game.”

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Well, it now seems that the Doc finally has the opportunity to do exactly that. Whether the Two-Time will pursue this request remains to be seen, but for now, H1Z1 fans will likely be excited by the possibility of an H1Z1 sequel.  

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