Football Manager 2023: Biggest transfer budgets & richest clubs in FM23

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Football Manager 2023 is finally here in its beta phase, and that means new saves are underway. If you want a leg up, here are the clubs with the biggest transfer budgets in your first season. 

Each year, when Sports Interactive drops the new installment of Football Manager, it can be a bit of a tricky one to pick which team you want to manage and, hopefully, lead to glory. 

You can try and change your favorite club’s fortunes, rebuild a sleeping giant, take on a project in the lower leagues, or plunk yourself right in at one of the world’s best and look to dominate for years on both the domestic and continental front.

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Choosing to go the latter route will probably see you end up with a nice transfer budget to boot. While no team has the massive £200 million that Newcastle United had last year from the get-go, there are still some eyewatering budgets on offer. So, let’s get into them. 

FM23 biggest transfer budgets 

For all the talk of Newcastle being the richest club in the world because of their new Saudi Arabian owners, that’s not actually the case in FM23. They only have a modest budget of around £40 million, but that’s because they’ve spent big on the likes of Alexander Isak and Sven Botman. 

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In fact, it’s Real Madrid that have the biggest starting transfer budget. After missing out on Kylian Mbappe, the Spanish giants have £103 million on offer from the get-go – and the squad doesn’t need too much work either. 

Despite spending big on Erling Haaland, Manchester City have around £102 million for you to play with. So, if you can’t find success with the game-breaking Norweigan striker, you can go out and spend to your heart’s content. 

ClubFM23 Transfer Budget
Real Madrid£103 million
Manchester City£102 million
Brighton & Hove Albion£70 million
PSG£69 million
Liverpool£42 million
Newcastle United£40 million
Ajax£30 million
Aston Villa£30 million
Tottenham Hotspur£26 million
Arsenal£26 million
Leeds United £25 million
Athletic Bilbao£22 million
Manchester United£21 million
Southampton£20 million
AS Monaco£17.2 million
LOSC Lille£17.2 million
Bayern Munich£17.2 million
RB Leipzig£17.2 million
AC Milan£16.8 million

FM23 richest clubs

In terms of the richest clubs overall, though, not all of these have a massive transfer budget in season one. Some aren’t extravagant sugar daddy spenders, but rather have big backers that are willing to write off the debt. 

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These clubs are good choices for a long-term project because, if you manage the books well early on, you’re going to have a sizable budget in the years to come.

That also means that you’re more likely to be granted requests like stadium expansion, bigger scouting networks, more coaches, and the like as well. Though, if it all goes wrong, they won’t be afraid of sacking you quickly either.

ClubFM23 Balance
Liverpool£166 million
Tottenham Hotspur£164 million
Newcastle United£152 million
Manchester City£134 million
Manchester United£133 million
Real Madrid£115 million
PSG£95 million
Leicester City£76 million
Brighton & Hove Albion£73 million
Ajax£66 million
Everton£62 million
Athletic Bilbao£59 million
Arsenal£51 million
Shanghai Port£51 million
LAFC£48 million
LA Galaxy£47 million
West Ham United£44 million
Al-Hilal£43 million
Atlanta United£42 million

So, that’s everything you need to know when it comes to having money in your pocket from the get-go in FM23.

It’s certainly not a route that everyone takes, but we won’t judge you for wanting a shiny new striker right away.

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