Food truck with Super Mario Kart setup for waiting customers goes viral

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A Texas-based food truck has gone viral because of the Super Mario Kart setup that waiting customers can play on.

Combining food with gaming-centric entertainment is far from a novel idea. Establishments such as Chuck E. Cheese have long allowed families to eat and enjoy games under the same roof.

And eateries like Dave & Buster’s have tackled a similar premise with more adult-oriented fare. Barcades aren’t far beyond in this regard, either.

But how can food trucks hope to corner the market in their own right? One mobile establishment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area seems to have figured it out.

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Food truck lets customers play Super Mario Kart while waiting

Reddit user TheGuyAtGameStop recently shared a photo that has the r/gaming subreddit buzzing. The image depicts a customer playing Super Mario Kart while waiting for their order at Munchies Food Truck in Denton, Texas.

However, this isn’t a player booting the title up through their Switch’s Nintendo Switch Online service. Munchies provides the Super Mario Kart setup via a big-screen television mounted near the window. It’s an interesting sight.

The comments to the Reddit post are filled with people joking that they’d purposefully wait for their food a while longer to finish playing.

However, one person, speaking from experience at a different establishment, noted that it all sounds fun until you “realize how little the controllers get sanitized.”

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The thread hasn’t been up a full day, yet it’s already gone viral online. At the time of writing, the post has garnered more than 31,000 upvotes.

Evidently, the love for Mario Kart – no matter the generation – isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.