FM22 player booed off by family after disaster Champions League final

Alan Bernal
Sports Interactive

A proud moment in Football Manager 22 turned bittersweet for one player who was “booed off” by his family for a disastrous Champions League Final.

Making a functional team with sustained success in FM22 is challenging at the best of times, which is why one eager fan was really happy to make it all the way to the UCL final.

To mark the occasion, Twitter user ‘svmwhxt’ invited his family to watch his Arsenal side take on Juventus in the deciding match to cap off his team’s campaign. Unfortunately for him, the game ended in a landslide.

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“Made my family watch me play the 2023/24 Champions League final with Arsenal on the TV,” svmwhxt said. “I lost 4-0. It’s humiliating enough being thrashed in a CL Final, but it’s even worse when it’s in front of your family who laugh as every goal goes in against you. They booed me off at FT.”

Svmwhxt’s family room was decked for the holidays and his misery was the biggest gift of joy he could’ve given to his family.

The 4-0 dismantling came courtesy of a double brace from Juve’s Federico Chiesa and Duvan Zapata while most of his players averaged below a 7.0 rating.

Svmwhxt proudly stood by his Arsenal squad ahead of kickoff but by full-time his loving family gave him a proper football sendoff for managing a scoreless team in the finals. Even braver than inviting his family to a front-row viewing of his worst day in FM22 was posting it online for everyone to see.

But the FM community joined him in having a laugh, while others quipped that the defeat was deserved over a manager who didn’t suit up for the finals.