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Five Phantasy Star Online 2 tips and tricks to help you in the early-game

Published: 2/Jun/2020 15:13

by James Busby


Phantasy Star Online 2 may not be a new game by any means, but the recent PC release has seen swathes of battle-hardened veterans and fresh-faced recruits joining in the galactic hunt. If you’re new to the series or just want a quick refresher, then make sure you check out our beginner’s guide tips below.

Getting to grips with Phantasy Star Online 2’s numerous mechanics can be a little intimidating at first, especially since there is very little hand-holding outside of the occasional tutorial screen. While the main quest line and practice mode will help further your understanding of the game, it’s still all too easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed.


PSO2 may not be the most beginner-friendly game out there, but it’s certainly one of the most rewarding thanks to its incredibly stylish combat, deep class progression, and constant content updates that keep the game fresh. To help you get started on your planet-hopping adventure, we’ve put together a handy tips guide that you can follow below.

Accept Client Orders from Afin and Cofy

Afin and Cofy will help you learn the ropes.

After you’ve created your character and done the obligatory opening mission, you’ll be sent to PSO2’s main hub. It’s here, in the ARK’s Lobby where you’ll be able to accept quests from the various NPCs dotted around the ship. There are two main NPCs who are incredibly important for both progressing your chosen class and obtaining valuable insights into the game’s various mechanics.


Before you do anything else, make sure you speak to Afin and run through his Client Orders. These quests will teach you how to equip Photon Arts, switch between Weapon Palettes, change units, as well as provide details on how you can trigger special combat effects like PSE Bursts. It’s all rather simple stuff and completing these quests will net you a decent chunk of experience.

Cofy is another NPC who will also prove invaluable to your early-game and late-game progressional needs. Officer Cofy allows you to accept story missions, join urgent quests, go on expeditions, and look for other fellow ARKS to join out on the bustling battlefields. However, it’s Cofy’s Client Orders that you’ll want to pay special attention to.


Whenever Cofy has a tick next to her name, simply go up to her and exhaust all her dialogue. She’ll invariably want to discuss something important with you once you reach a certain level. For example, when you rank up to level five, Cofy will give you your MAG License, while reaching level 20 will reward you with a Subclass License.

Try out different classes

Try out different classes to shake things up.

One of the best things about PSO2 is the ability to effortlessly switch between classes. While most ARPGs and MMOs only allow you to build your character’s skills around one specific class, PSO2 gives players the option to use every archetype with just one character.


So, if you’re growing tired of the melee mashing hits of the Hunter and wish to trade your sword for the Braver’s bow, then simply head over to the Class Counter in the ARKS Lobby to switch things up.

Your previous class level will also be retained, so there really is no excuse not to try out all the different archetypes and their subclass combinations. Just be aware that some of your weapons, units, and current MAG will be incompatible with your new class. This may seem rather annoying at first, but you’ll naturally get access to lots of new loot once you begin levelling up.


Feed your MAG the right items

Feed your MAG the right items to increase your damage output.

You really are what you eat and that same saying applies to your MAG. In fact, it’s imperative that you feed your newfound robot companion the correct items if you wish to significantly increase your overall damage output. Fortunately, these little guys aren’t picky eaters and they’ll consume pretty much anything you throw at them.

When you open the feeding menu, you’ll be greeted with seven different support levels: melee, ranged, technique, dexterity, melee defence, ranged defence, and technique defence. In order to make the perfect MAG, try to always focus on raising the bar that corresponds to your class’s main attribute.

For example, Rangers will want to increase the MAG’s range support level by feeding their MAG rifles, while melee-focused builds will want to increase the melee support bar by feeding their MAG any striking weapons. Just make sure you don’t continually feed your MAG without lowering any unwanted attributes first.

Skills can be lowered by feeding your MAG the appropriate healing and consumable items. You can see how each weapon and item will impact your MAG’s level bar by simply hovering over it, so be sure to do this if you’re ever unsure of what effect a specific item will have.

Once your MAG reaches level 30, it will evolve and gain abilities based on the support level you ranked up. The extra damage you get from these support levels is nothing to scoff at, so make sure you feed your newfound companion to increase your combat effectiveness.

Hit monster weak points

PSO2 / Sega
Aim for monster weak points and break body parts to increase your loot gains.

This may seem like a relatively simple tip, but you’d be surprised by the number of players who neglect this function in combat. Most enemies in PSO2 have body parts that can be broken and exposed, giving you even more opportunities to deal extra damage. Be sure to always target any horns, claws, tails, and glowing body parts as successful breaks will invariably cripple your enemy’s movements.

To make things even better, breaking monster parts also yields increased loot for you and your allies, so if you’re after a particularly rare drop, then make sure you hack away at as many monster parts as possible.

Don’t be afraid to sell loot

Inventory space can quickly fill up if you don’t sell some of your items.

PSO2 doesn’t shy away from giving players plenty of equipment – in fact, enemies are constantly spewing out weapons, units, discs, monster parts, and other materials. However, your inventory space can only hold 50 items at a time (unless you pay for more), making it rather difficult to decide which items to pick up and which to leave behind. As a rule of thumb, we suggest keeping a stash of low-level gear to feed to your MAG, while also picking up all rare drops and any discs you come across.

Of course, if you do wish to hoover up every piece of loot you find, then be sure to either sell it on the player market or make a quick buck by selling unwanted items via the Shopping Terminal. Lastly, head over to the options menu and turn on the Auto Pick Up functions as this will not only decrease the tedium of picking up loot, it will also help you complete those all-important Client Orders.