Fire Emblem Engage: Turn-based vs Real-Time combat

Fire Emblem Engage combatNintendo

Fire Emblem Engage will give players the ability to control a vast army of troops while battling enemies. Below is everything to know to be successful in battle while playing.

Fire Emblem Engage, players will take on the role of a Divine Dragon, launching into dangerous battles in an attempt to stabilize the Continent of Elyos. With the help of past popular characters, the new installation in the well-loved series offers stunning graphics, interesting character backstories, and familiar combat styles that are chess-like in strategy.

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In 2022, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes was released for the Nintendo Switch. It offered fast-paced hack-and-slash combat that isn’t typical of the series as a whole. While the narrative, which built on Fire Emblem: Three Fates, was exciting, it wasn’t a representation of what was to come for the main series.

Below is everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Engage‘s combat, and how to make the most of every battle during gameplay.

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Fire Emblem Engage Combat ScreenNintendo
Fire Emblem Engage players must use their terrain and troops

What is Fire Emblem Engage’s combat style?

The new game uses a Turn-Based Tactical combat style.

Players will be presented with a combat field divided into a grid system. The units brought into battle will all have different abilities and can move over certain distances and terrain depending on their unit type. Players will need to move their units within range of the opponents in order to deal blows.

While not as fast-paced as real-time combat, the use of turn-based tactical gameplay offers players the chance to use many different unit skills at the same time. This creates a rich and complex combat experience that is unique to the mechanic.

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Will Fire Emblem Engage offer Real-Time combat in DLC

While many fans may enjoy real-time combat, the new game will not have real-time combat in any base content or DLC,

Despite this, it is likely players will find their footing once they get started on their adventure through the Continent of Elyos.

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