Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass: Waves, release dates & perks

Fire Emblem Expansion PassNintendo

Fire Emblem Engage uses a DLC Expansion Pass to add content to the game. Below is everything players need to know about each wave and when they will release.

The Fire Emblem series is no stranger to DLC. The previous title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, also offers an Expansion Pass with bonuses, additional content, and other fun perks. The DLC waves, which release steadily over the course of several months, help extend the game’s lifespan and offer fans new ways to explore the story or spend time with characters.

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Fire Emblem Engage, released on January 20, 2023, takes fans on a new adventure through the Continent of Elyos as the Divine Dragon. Tasked with bringing peace back to the realm, the main character teams up with a quirky cast to gather the Emblem Rings and defeat the Fell Dragon.

Below is everything to know about Fire Emblem Engage’s DLC Expansion Pass, new content, and release dates for each new wave. Players can also check out Emblem Ring mechanics, look into Engage’s setting, and explore the game’s tactical combat with these helpful guides.

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What is in DLC Expansion Pass?

According to the official Nintendo store, the DLC Expansion Pass will have four waves of content.

These will include new Emblem items, locations for the Somniel, clothing, and more. It is also possible additional content will be announced later in the year.

Release dates for Fire Emblem Engage DLC Expansion Pass Waves

The first wave of the Expansion Pass was released on January 20, 2023. It includes the content below:

  • Emblem Bracelet for Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude.
  • Emblem Bracelet for Tiki
  • Boots, Seraph Robe, Energy Drop, Spirit Dust, Secret Book, Speedwing, Goodness Icon, Dracoshield, and Talisman items
  • Rare Set, Filled Band, Big Ribbon, Single Earring, and Round Specs accessory items
  • Silver Carc – reduces Armory and Item Shop purchases by 30%

The Second wave of the Expansion Pass was released on February 08, 2023. It includes the content below:

  • Emblems Hector
  • Emblem Soren
  • Emblem Camilla

The Third wave of the Expansion Pass is not yet out. It includes the content below:

  • Emblems Chrom & Robin
  • Emblem Veronica

The Fourth wave of the Expansion Pass is not yet out. It includes the content below:

  • Fell Xenologue DLC story

The, third, and fourth waves of Fire Emblem Engage DLC content will release before December 31, 2023, ensuring that all content will be accessed before the end of the year. Details on the contents of these waves are currently awaiting reveal.

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How much does Fire Emblem Engage’s DLC Expansion Pass cost?

Players will have to pay an additional $29.99 USD to obtain the expansion pass. It can also be bought in a bundle with the game for $89.98 USD.

**This guide will continue to update as each new wave of DLC becomes available