Where to find the Finest Fish in Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village is home to plenty of wild animals, but none is rarer than the Finest Fish. Here’s how you can obtain this elusive creature. 

The Duke is key to Ethan’s survival in Resident Evil Village. This larger-than-life character sells a variety of weapons, upgrades, healing items, and game-changing food items. While you’ll naturally need a lot of Lei to purchase the game’s deadly weaponry, the Duke’s Kitchen is completely free to use. However, in order to use this service, you’ll need to harvest the required ingredients. 

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One of the rarest ingredients in Resident Evil Village is that of the Finest Fish – an ultra-rare animal that can only be found in one location. While the Finest Fish can prove tricky to track down, the benefits are well worth the time and effort. 

Where to find Finest Fish in Resident Evil Village

Finest Fish ingredient Resident Evil VillageCapcom
The Finest Fish can be pretty tricky to find.

To find the Finest Fish, you’ll first need to get the Crank from the Swamp. Once you have successfully defeated Moreau, there’s a few more steps to take. 

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  1. Take the Lone Road (west of the Altar)
  2. Turn right and walk down the path until you reach the bridge
  3. Use the Crank to lower the bridge
  4. Enter the boat
  5. Follow the river south
  6. Disembark the boat at the woods
  7. Take the left path
  8. Use your knife or pistol to kill the fish

If done correctly, you should see a small pond with two normal fish and the Finest Fish. As the name suggests, the Finest Fish is much more noteworthy than its normal counterparts. Simply look for the large golden fish and use your knife or pistol to kill it. 

Once you have acquired Finest Fish, head back over to the Altar and hand it over to The Duke.

Photo of a Phantom Fish

While there are rewards upstream in Resident Evil Village, you’re going to go downstream for the Finest Fish meat.

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As seen in a Phantom Fish photo in-game, given to you at Stronghold, it’s here where you will collect the rare prize.

What is the Finest Fish used for in Resident Evil Village?

Finest Fish recipeCapcom
The Finest Fish is needed to cook one of the best recipes in the game.

Just like most ingredients in Resident Evil Village, the Finest Fish can be cooked into a delicious stat-boosting meal. The meal in question is that of the Sarmale de Peste, which provides Ethan with a permanent increase to his movement speed. The ingredients you need for this meal are as follows:

  • 6x Fish
  • 1x Finest Fish

Fish can be found in most bodies of water in Resident Evil Village, so make sure you acquire plenty before getting Duke to cook up a storm. 

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So, there you have it, everything you need to know about catching the Finest Fish. Make sure you check out our Resident Evil Village page for all the latest news and guides.

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