Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide 2023: start date, rewards, more

final fantasy xiv hatching-tide 2023 event artSquare Enix

Final Fantasy XIV’s easter event Hatching-tide is here once again for 2023, here’s the start date, rewards, and what we can expect from this Seasonal Celebration.

The next Seasonal event is coming to Final Fantasy XIV soon, Hatching-tide 2023 will bring cheer and eggs throughout all of Eorzea. As per usual, there will be plenty of goodies to grab from the event, including a brand-new emote and an outfit inspired by Tonberrys.


Hatching-tide 2023 start and end dates

The Hatching-tide event for 2023 will begin on Monday, March 27th, 2023 at 1 am PDT. The event will run for just under two weeks, giving players plenty of time to hop in and grab the rewards.

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The event will be removed from FFXIV on Monday, April 10th, 2023 at 7.59 am PDT, and will likely not return until 2024.

Hatching-tide 2023 rewards

Hatching-tide 2023 has a couple of new rewards being introduced into FFXIV. These include a new glamour armor set, emote, orchestrion roll, and housing item.

The new Tonberry outfit set will have players imitating the looks of the franchise’s infamous Tonberrys. Alongside this, the new emote “Frighten” will be perfect for instilling fear into other players.

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final fantasy xiv hatching-tide 2023 event rewardsSquare Enix
Players can expect a couple of new rewards from Hatching-tide 2023.

We’ll also be receiving the Pa-Paya Demastered Orchestrion roll, which can be played at an Ochestrion in player housing and inns.

Finally, we’ll also be gaining a furniture item/ poster that can be placed on player housing walls.

What to expect from Hatching-tide 2023

Square Enix has yet to announce what players will need to do in order gain the goodies in this event as of yet. It’s likely we’ll only discover what quests are in store for us when the event actually launches, As per most events in FFXIV, the process to receive the rewards won’t be overly complicated.

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Players should expect a short questline/ story that they’ll need to proceed through and either an instance or a FATE to participate in. Aside from that, the Hatching-tide 2023 should be quite a simple process to complete, allowing you to grab whatever goodies you want.

We’ll be updating here with more information about the quests as soon as they become available.