Final Fantasy Patch 6.3 brings mischievous new strategy for farming commendations

Final Fantasy Miqo’te characterSquare Enix

Final Fantasy XIV Players have found a cheeky new way to farm player commendations via the portrait feature in Patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Lands Tremble.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can be practically anything you want to be. From graceful elves to little potatoes to even large furry cat dads, Final Fantasy XIV gives the player the freedom on customizing their Warrior of Light to their heart’s content.

By far one of the most popular races within Final Fantasy XIV is the Miqo’te, these are what most players would consider the catgirl/catboy race. And with the popularity of catgirls on the internet, it’s no surprise to see the amount of female Miqo’te’s running around Eorzea.

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Patch 6.3 for Final Fantasy God’s Revel, Lands Tremble brought about a new feature that had many players either excited or concerned. It wasn’t a new dungeon or class update, but instead, Square Enix decided to show player portraits at the start of any instanced duty. Portraits are exactly what you think, a customizable portrait of your character to display their best features.

Final Fantasy XIV PVP PortraitsReddit: u/GoldenEye1108
Portraits in FFXIV serve as a way to portray your character in-game.

These portraits also appear at the end of an instance, where players are able to give commendations to one another. Commendations are a well-known feature in Final Fantasy XIV, and generally speaking, go out to players that stood out to you, mostly healers or tanks.

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But since the introduction of Patch 6.3, certain players have found an effective strategy to entice others to commend their character. By using rather cute or lewd poses in their portraits, players are “persuading” others to commend their character rather than others that leave good impressions which is what the system is supposed to be used for.

It’s become such a well-known cultural phenomenon that the community has already made several memes about it.

It’s unsurprising that the Miqo’te has become the biggest user of the strategy, as catgirls seemingly have universal appeal in Final Fantasy XIV, leaving the other races in the dust.

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Commendations have been part of Final Fantasy XIV for a while now, and give players who are positive and friendly to others various cosmetic awards such as mounts and minions.

Alongside this, players with 2000 player commendations can apply to be a mentor, which unlocks a new duty roulette and its own slurry of rewards.

Whilst certain races are taking advantage of the new system in place, it appears other races have truly suffered because of it. Players of non-popular races have discovered that their commendations have been drying up recently due to the change.