Fight grown men as a child with absurd Red Dead Redemption 2 mod

Michael Gwilliam
YouTube/jedijosh920/Rockstar Games

A crazy mod in Red Dead Redemption lets players play through the game as Jack Marston and the gameplay can be downright insane.

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YouTuber jedijosh920 uploaded a video of the mod which swaps character models. In it, the young Jack Marston gets into a bar fight with a man over twice his height. 

It’s both amusing and absurd at the same time, because while Jack can barely hit his much bigger opponents, when he does, he packs one heck of a punch. Watching a child knock a grown man out cold is just one of the joys this video game brings. 

YouTube/jedijosh920/Rockstar Games
A Red Dead Redemption 2 mod swaps adult Arthur with kid Jack.
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Things get weirder from there as the child can do everything Arthur Morgan – the game’s protagonist – can do in the game. That means he can play poker, get drunk, buy horses and just straight up murder people.

Because it’s just a character model swap, all of Jack’s dialogue is still Arthur Morgan’s, so it’s equally weird hearing an adult’s voice come out of a child. 

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Bird Simulator Mod

In another mod video, jedijosh920 showcased that there’s a bird simulator within the game for those wanting to spread their wings.

“Another player model swap modding videos for Red Dead Redemption 2 mods where I fly around as various different birds such as an eagle, vulture, songbird and parrot scarlet macaws around the RDR2 map, especially visiting Saint Denis, New Austin, Guarma, and Mexico which might be in a singleplayer DLC for RDR2.” 

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The popular YouTuber goes on to add that playing as birds feels like the “Peyote Plants” from Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. 

“I hope they add them in a future update for Red Dead Redemption 2 or in Red Dead Online summer update or Red Dead Redemption 2 PC,” he continued. 

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Hopefully we end up seeing some new content from Rockstar very soon. Until then, mods like this really spice up life in the wild west.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently out on the PS4 and Xbox One.