FaZe Clan and McDonald’s partner to make content focused on inclusion & diversity

FaZe Clan McDonald's PartnershipFaZe Clan

Popular esports organization and media company FaZe Clan are planning a content series focusing on diversity and inclusion in partnership with fast-food chain McDonald’s.

As one of the most popular entities in gaming and internet culture, FaZe Clan seemingly have an endless queue of partners — both internet-savvy and more traditional in approach — waiting to collaborate.

In their latest partnership announcement, FaZe Clan have entered a deal with the worldwide fast-food staple McDonald’s to produce a series of videos focussing on “diversity and inclusion.”

More specifically, the series aims to tell the stories of some of the organization’s members and their challenges coming up in gaming to highlight “underserved and underrepresented youth”.

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FaZe Rug McDonaldsFaZe Clan
FaZe Clan member Rug was part of the announcement video which unveiled the big partnership.

FaZe Clan were accused of having a culture akin to that of a “frat house” that wasn’t very diverse in July 2020, when three of their senior staff departed the organization to start their own — namely, XSET.

With the signings of Ewok and KaleiRenay, and now this diversity-focused content series with McDonald’s, it appears that they are keen to shed that image.

“At FaZe, we continue to move diversity and inclusion to the forefront of our priorities and are proud to partner with an iconic brand like McDonald’s who has paved the way,” said FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink.

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“This is another example of FaZe expanding our brand beyond the gaming realm and we hope our fans enjoy the content that comes from this groundbreaking partnership.”

Already this year, FaZe has also collaborated with Xbox, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, and continued their multi-year partnership with Premier League team Manchester City.