Fans slam Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League after “games as a service” leak

Suicide Squad gameWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Fans awaiting the upcoming and highly anticipated Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are slamming the title after a leak reveals the games menu, featuring a glimpse into a Battle Pass, Currencies, Store, and the Heros Levels.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in an upcoming open-world action-adventure shooter featuring all your favorite DC villains, such as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and more.

Naturally, DC and superhero fans are thrilled to see another title after similar games like Gotham Knights receive negative reception after its 30FPS cap and visual problems.

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Now, it seems players are equally as concerned about the success of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League thanks to a recent leak revealing an in-game image of the menu, detailing hints regarding a Battle Pass, Store, Cosmetics, Currencies, and so much more, of which fans are extremely unhappy.

Fans claim Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League “will probably flop” after menu leak

Posted on the Gaming Leaks Reddit page, one user shared the menu design for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and fans began quickly slamming the game for its design choices and its “games as a service” design.

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One user referred to the design as “another superhero GaaS with a crapload of resources to grind”, highlighting the frustrations many feel when exploring the games as a service design encompassing many new titles.

Others slammed the game’s overall success stating they don’t think the “game is compelling enough to warrant a battle pass” highlighting the growing concerns following the dwindling success of similar titles like Gotham Knights, and Marvel’s Avengers.

Such concern was further highlighted through other fans’ comments, with one predicting that “stuff like this will probably flop anyways considering how Avengers and Gotham Knights went” while other’s saw the title as too similar to Gotham Knights, stating that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks just like “Gotham Knight 2.0.”

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With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League set to release in the middle of 2023, we are yet to see whether it proves to be a success. However, one thing is for sure, many fans are not happy with the current direction the game is taking.