Fallout Fans Are Losing Their Minds Following Cryptic Teaser and Stream From Bethesda

by DG Goldstein


Bethesda has released various teasers across social media regarding something to do with the ever-popular 'Fallout' series which has caused a massive stir across the gaming world.

First launched in 1997, the 'Fallout' series has gained a massive amount of critical acclaim for the numerous titles and installments released over a 20-year period across a variety of platforms and consoles.


With the most recent title, Fallout 4, being released in 2015, fans of the storied franchise have questioned when the next installation will be released, however, no concrete information has been provided by the developer.

Although, on May 29th, Bethesda released a number of cryptic posts on social media with the classic 'Please Stand By' Fallout tagline, which has sent the community into a frenzy regarding what could be coming in the future.


It did not stop there, with Bethesda going live on Twitch which featured the Fallout 'Vault Boy' figurine in front of a television with the same 'Please Stand By' tag, yet no new information has been released at the time of writing.

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While some have speculated that a new game could potentially be announced prior or during the E3 gaming expo, others believe that a 'Fallout 3' remaster could be in the works, especially with the title's 10-year anniversary set for October of 2018.

We will continue to update the story as more information is made available.