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Fall Guys

Fall Guys latest leaks: mobile release, loot, upcoming challenges, more

Published: 11/Aug/2020 23:38 Updated: 17/Aug/2020 11:05

by Alan Bernal


There are a bunch of new leaks for Fall Guys that are shedding light on upcoming features, challenges, and possible iOS and Android ports for the famed free-for-all party game.

The Fall Guys craze has consumed millions of players around the world since its debut, and the devs at Mediatonic as well as Devolver Digital have been hard at work to give their audience even more content to trip over.


Now, people are finding evidence of these upcoming changes in the backend files for the title, which can at least give people an idea for what the studios have planned for their break-out hit.

Fall Guys iOS and Android

One of the biggest leaks to come out of the game so far are “placeholders” found in the files that suggest the devs will be bringing Fall Guys to iOS and Android.


Prominent dataminer ‘Hypex’ thinks Devolver Digital could be planning a mobile release based on what they were able to scrounge up thus far.

A mobile port of the game would be a natural next step for the new release. Everything from the gameplay, graphics, and mechanics could be streamlined to fit the capabilities of most phones.


There was a bevy of Challenges found in the Fall Guys datamine that will be giving players a ton of chances to earn thousands of Kudos when they come to the game.


So far there are six challenges listed that give out 1000 Kudos apiece. While most are menial, there are some like ‘Stay in air for 20 seconds’ which could evade some people.

The leaked challenges for August 11 are:

  • Stay in air for 20 seconds – 1000 Kudos
  • Qualify 10 rounds – 1000 Kudos
  • Finish at least 10 round 3 – 1000 Kudos
  • Finish Round 3, 5 times – 1000 Kudos
  • Hold an Egg for 10 seconds – 1000 Kudos
  • Earn 50 score – 1000 Kudos

Loot and Emotes

They also found hints to ‘loot’ that could be coming in a future update. According to Hypex, “there’s a Loot Table & Loot Table Collection” in the files, which could be a way for players to earn customizable in-game items or the like.


The dataminer also found a ton of emotes ranging from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, in that increasing order of value.

Leaked emotes so far:

  • Funky Chicken – Common – No price
  • Friendly Wave – Common – No price
  • Neener – Common – No price
  • Thumbs Up – Common – No price
  • Coo-ey! – Uncommon – No price
  • Pirate Jig – Uncommon – 5000 Kudos
  • Mexican Wave – Uncommon – 5000 Kudos
  • Applause – Uncommon – 5000 Kudos
  • The Robot – Uncommon – No price
  • Z-Snap – Rare – 6500 Kudos
  • Slow Clap – Epic – 3 Crowns
  • Patty Cake – Epic – 3 Crowns
  • Raging – Epic – 3 Crowns
  • Beefy – Legendary – 5 Crowns


Though there’s been a ton of companies sending in concepts for the Fall Guys dev to make into an official jelly bean, nothing has materialized just yet.

That could change since there’s an image of an unreleased Fall Guys skin that portrays Scout from Team Fortress 2.

As the game progresses and the devs create new updates for Fall Guys, there’s bound to be more news regarding future inclusions in the jelly-bean battle royale.

Fall Guys

Hilarious Skyrim mod brings Fall Guys to The Elder Scrolls

Published: 29/Sep/2020 19:56

by Bill Cooney


Fall Guys is one of the hottest games out there at the moment, so of course, someone had to take it and turn it into one of the funniest mods for Skyrim we’ve seen yet.

At this point in its lifecycle, there are more mods for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim than you can throw a Fus Ro Dah at, enough that if you try hard enough, you can play something that doesn’t resemble the game at all.


Modders have, it turns out, gotten very good at porting anything and everything from Mario to Pokemon into Tamriel since Bethesda’s hit RPG first came out in 2011.

With Fall Guys being one of the hottest games of Summer 2020, then a new mod bringing the game’s adorable characters into the fight between the Stormcloaks and the Empire should come as no surprise.


Right at the start, the video plays on that Skyrim meme we all know and love, with a Fall Guy being eliminated, then greeted by Ulfric Stormcloak in the opening scene of the game.

As things get going, you can of course choose to make your race, but why would you pick anything other than a Fall Guy while playing this mod?

The pièce de résistance though has to be the terrifying and hilarious dragon Fall Guy that rescues you from having your head removed from the rest of your body.

Fall Guys Dragon
“Tell me, where is your god now?”

After the first level when you escape from the fort, you’re able to traverse the world and fight all of its monsters, except every character is now a Fall Guy. If you thought names in Skyrim were confusing before, just try keeping track of multiple quests from people all named “Fall Guy” with a random string of numbers behind it.

The party battle royale might not have a Dragonborn skin yet, but this mod is probably a pretty good bet if you’re looking, for whatever reason, to combine the two together.