F1 2022 leak reveals supercar plans and players are furious

close-up f1 shotCodemasters

F1 devs Codemasters are set to shake things up a bit in F1 2022 with crossplay and a new F1 LIFE mode, and this latest mode will see the introduction of new supercars, which isn’t the news many loyalists wanted.

F1 2021 was another solid entry in gaming’s greatest simulation of the real-life sport of F1.  As always, there were things that were well-received, and other aspects that could be improved on when looking ahead to the inevitable sequel in the franchise.

Another season does mean another game, and F1 2022 is set for some big changes. Renowned video game leaker Tom Henderson has revealed that the popular story mode feature has been omitted, but some of the world’s leading supercars will be included instead.

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f1 race in dubaiCodemasters
To many, the allure of F1 is F1 cars, will supercars be welcome?

Supercar showdown in F1 2022

In an exclusive news piece with xfire, Tom Henderson announced that F1 2022 “will be getting cross-play this year” and it will also see “the removal of its story mode and the addition of a new player hub called ‘F1 LIFE.'”

From its description, F1 LIFE sounds like it will share characteristics of the upcoming F1 documentary Drive To Survive, and allow outsiders a look-in to the lives and lifestyle of F1 drivers. But in addition to fancy designer watches and other expensive material goods, F1 2022 will welcome supercars.

These top-end, state-of-the-art vehicles will mark the first-ever appearance of such cars in an F1 game.

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Henderson said: “Not only can you collect and drive these supercars on your own, but you’ll be able to race them, online, against other players’ supercars on the game’s 23 tracks, although not against actual F1 cars.”

Whilst the news of crossplay and the intriguing new F1 LIFE game mode have gone down well, not as many fans of the franchise are as thrilled about the inclusion of supercars in F1.

“No career mode? F**k me, and who wants to drive supercars in a F1 game. Where the hell are the classics?” said one disgruntled fan, whereas another said: “So instead of classic cars, we get cars that nobody asked for? If I want to drive supercars I play GT7 or Forza, not F1.”

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These are obviously just rumors for now, so we will wait to see if this is confirmed.