Everything we know about Perfect Dark reboot: Trailer, Xbox Exclusivity & more

perfect dark reboot logoThe Initiative

The Initiative’s upcoming Perfect Dark reboot is the long-awaited next entry into the franchise and aims to take everything that made the original a classic and bring the series into the modern day.

Despite being 22 years old now, the Perfect Dark games have only actually seen four games released, with one of them just being a remaster of the 2000 classic. Fans have had to wait a long time for a new title that tells a new story about expert agent Joanna Dark.

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But expectations and excitement levels were raised dramatically in 2020 when a Perfect Dark reboot was announced. Not much is known about The Initiative’s new take on Perfect Dark, but here’s what we know so far.


joanna dark looking at world in perfect darkThe Initiative
What adventure could potentially await Joanna next?

Does the Perfect Dark reboot have a release date?

At present, there is no outlined release date or even a timeframe as to when we can expect to see Joanna again.

After the announcement of Perfect Dark at The Game Awards 2020, we’ve heard next-to-nothing in terms of progress or any real form of update.

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Perfect Dark reboot stuck in development hell?

The most recent news pertaining to the Perfect Dark reboot project isn’t positive as, according to VGC, it appears that at least half of Xbox’s ‘The Initiative’ studio have left the team to pursue other ventures.

Under the circumstances, this is naturally less than ideal, and it doesn’t appear like many of these vacant roles are being actively filled either. The devs apparently told VGC that: ‘it’s confident in the team it has in place, and new talent joining and pointed to industry-wide staffing challenges during the pandemic.’

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Accomplished developers Crystal Dynamics were brought in to assist with the game’s development, but it appears this may have caused any work to regress and overhaul lots of the game’s established content. The game now risks being stuck in a perpetual development hell cycle akin to another fan-favorite name —  Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Perfect Dark reboot trailer

For the time being, the only media we have for the Perfect Dark reboot is its reveal trailer at The Game Awards 2020. Until we get anything more concrete, this might be all we have to go on for a while.

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If the trailer is anything to go by, then the original direction for the game appears to be a futuristic one. Here is the trailer in full for you to watch.

Will the Perfect Dark reboot be an Xbox exclusive?

As Perfect Dark is essentially being developed under the Microsoft banner, we fully expect the reboot to appear exclusively on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

In recent years, Microsoft have been trying to increase their studio acquisition and produce more appealing first-party titles to bring gamers to the green brand. It seems certain that the Perfect Dark reboot will follow suit.

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