Everything we know about Kerbal Space Program 2: Release delay, mod updates, multiplayer

Private Division

Kerbal Space Program 2 is a highly-anticipated sequel being developed by Private Division and Star Theory. From its multiple release delays to the arrival of a new Multiplayer option, here’s everything we know about the upcoming sim.

Kerbal Space Program absolutely swept the internet away back in the 2010s. Featuring a massive universe complete with intensely accurate physics, players couldn’t get enough of this one-of-a-kind game.

Now, more than ten years after the first edition went into Alpha, KSP2 is well into development and we’re well into its gravity, hurling towards an eventual release date.

Kerbal Space Program 2 release window

Kerbal in KSP2Private Division
Embrace your inner explorer by joining the ranks of the Kerbal Space Program.

As of now, the game is set to come out in Spring 2023, but there’s no telling if this one will stick either.

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KSP2 has seen quite a few delays. Initially projected to be a 2020 drop, the devs have called an audible on more than one occasion.

Kerbal Space Program 2 Trailer

One of the first announcements of the game came in the form of a Cinematic Announcement trailer.

Kerbal Space Program 2 multiplayer

According to the devs, the game will have a multiplayer feature, but details around how that works are still sparse.

When speaking on what interconnected gameplay might look like in the rocket building sim, Creative Director Nate Simpson did say that  “it is true to the spirit of the original Kerbal Space Program” so there are not likely to be any revolutionary features to speak of.

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Kerbal Space Program 2 mod support

Kerbal Space Program 2Private Division
Even more craziness is on the way in KSP2 thanks to increased mod support.

One feature that the devs have highlighted throughout the game’s development is its increased dependence on community engagement and feedback.

Allowing players to add custom features to the original game was one reason it became such a smash hit across the world and that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

As noted in the original developer trailer for KSP 2, many of the people who work on the game view it as “a game that merely gives you toys to play with and an infinite playground in which to play with them. ”

That’s everything we know about Kerbal Space Program 2’s development at this time, but we will keep this page updated with the latest news as it becomes available.

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