Everything in CoD Mobile Season 2 Heavy Metal update: New map, Goliath Clash, more

CoD Mobile cover artActivision

CoD Mobile Season 2: Heavy Metal is already coming into focus as 2023 rolls on and we’ve got an early look at what to expect from the major update. New game modes, a fresh map, and a range of balance adjustments are just the tip of the iceberg.

While Warzone Mobile may be stealing the spotlight to some degree in the new year, CoD Mobile’s momentum isn’t slowing down in the slightest.

With Season 1: Reawakening, we saw one of the most jamp-packed updates yet with a wide assortment of new content and cosmetics to keep players engaged. Now, devs are looking to follow that up with a desert-themed season for February and we already know a good amount of what to expect in the Heavy Metal update.

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From new maps and modes to a look ahead at likely balance adjustments, here’s all there is to know about CoD Mobile Season 2: Heavy Metal.


CoD Mobile Heavy Metal season artworkActivision
CoD Mobile Season 2 2023 is officially titled: Heavy Metal.

CoD Mobile Season 2: Heavy Metal release date & launch time

CoD Mobile Season 2: Heavy Metal is all set to go live on Wednesday, February 22 at 4PM PT.

This lines up seamlessly with the end of the current Season 1 Battle Pass, meaning new content will rollover right away as players install the new update.

New Diesel map arriving in CoD Mobile Season 2

Taking from Black Ops Cold War once again, the multiplayer map Diesel is making its way over to CoD Mobile in Season 2.

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This medium-sized battleground arrived in BOCW Season 3 in 2021, and served as a new arena for fast-paced matches. Designed with 6v6 combat in mind, as well as Gunfight contests, this desert-themed locale was a popular pick from its debut onward.

Goliath Clash game mode launches in CoD Mobile Season 2

Also launching as part of Season 2 is a new Goliath Clash playlist. In this unique game type, players are all in control of Goliaths from the jump. Teams battle in these powerful suits of armor in a Domination-style mode.

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By capturing objectives as you would in the standard mode, players earn batteries to upgrade their Goliath’s abilities.

New Maddox Assault Rifle lands in CoD Mobile Season 2

As always, with a new season in CoD Mobile comes a new weapon as this time around, the Maddox Assault Rifle is in focus. First appearing in Black Ops 4, this gun is making the transition over in Season 2 as a well-rounded AR pick.

Boasting a “reliable fire rate,” and a “special Echo Fire attachment that can maximize damage,” it’s sure to be a strong contender in the weeks to come.

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CoD Mobile Season 2 Maddox ARActivision
The Maddox is set to arrive in CoD Mobile Season 2.

CoD Mobile Season 2 Heavy Metal: early balance changes leaked

While it’s still early days yet, and official patch notes are yet to arrive, but prominent insiders ‘LeakersOnDuty’ have revealed some early balance changes ahead of Season 2’s launch. These adjustments rolled out early on the test server and thus, might be subject to change before their arrival in the full game, so do take the following with a grain of salt.

While that’s all we know about CoD Mobile Season 2: Heavy Metal for now, be sure to check back in the coming days as we’ll update you here with all the latest details as they emerge.

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