Epic new Ghost of Tsushima PS4 trailer shares more insight into the story

Brent Koepp
ghost of tsushimaYouTube: PlayStation / Sucker Punch Productions

Sony debuted a new trailer for the wildly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima. The epic video titled ‘A Storm is Coming’ hypes up the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s July 17 release, while giving players a detailed look at some story elements.

Ghost of Tsushima was first teased back in 2017 at Sony’s Paris Games Week conference. The open-world Samurai title is from developer Sucker Punch, and is their first major release since Infamous Second Son premiered on the PS4 in 2014.

The wildly-anticipated game is hitting stores on July 17, and to celebrate, the PlayStation exclusive has gotten a brand new trailer. The stunning video teases that is a “storm is coming” and gives players a hint at what to expect from its epic story.

ghost of tsushima ps4YouTube: PlayStation / Sucker Punch Productions
The latest trailer for the PS4 exclusive gives players a glimpse at the story.

A Storm is Coming

Players got a detailed look at the plot of Ghost of Tsushima in March, after the studio released a three-minute long story trailer. The video depicted the main character Jin Sakai pushed to the brink, after the Mongols invaded his land.

The latest ‘Storm is Coming’ video gives players a new glimpse at certain story elements. While the first cinematic for the game was focused more on what happens after the invasion, the June 29 clip shows the protagonist land before all hell breaks loose.

The new footage demonstrates the dual nature of the world, and reiterates Jin’s struggle to uphold his Samurai duty. A narration asks “if you stray from this path, what will you become?” and the story will force the character to choose between his teachings, or break all the rules to take down an enemy with no moral code.

Sucker Punch’s story takes place on Tsushima Island in 1274. After being invaded, the land’s inhabitants become decimated by the enemies’ non traditional weapons of war. Players will be taken on an emotional journey where they can choose to juggle between stealth mechanics or taking on foes from the front with their sword.

ghost of tsushimaYouTube: PlayStation / Sucker Punch Productions
The epic Sucker Punch title is gearing up to be a hit.

Ghost of Tsushima will debut on July 17.The open-world title will be one of Sony’s final exclusives on the PlayStation 4, and follows the release of Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed title The Last of Us Part 2 in June.

For how to pre-order Ghost of Tsushima, check out our guide here. The Sucker Punch game comes in various editions, including a collector’s version costing $169.99.