How to watch Epic Games State of Unreal 2022 event: Streams, schedule, more

State of Unreal Epic Games streamEpic Games

On April 5 Epic Games is set to host its 2022 State of Unreal event. This deep dive serves to shed light on what the team behind Unreal Engine is currently working on, and what’s next in store for the mammoth game development engine. Here’s everything you need to know.

With a new State of Unreal event locked in, devs are ready to pull the covers off of what the next few years in gaming may look like regarding changes, improvements, and updates to the Unreal Engine.

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Unreal Engine is a free-to-use game engine that has been at the forefront of game development since its inception 24 years ago, and is a massive part of why Epic Games is the company it is today.

Over the course of a mammoth four-hour livestream, we can expect to hear from a slew of Epic Games big wigs up to and including CEO Tim Sweeney, as well as speeches from key personnel in the dev team. Additionally, the team from The Matrix Awakens will be pulling apart their game and the creation process behind it for a one-of-a-kind insight into the Epic Games method of game development.

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Here’s a full rundown on all there is to know about the State of Unreal event.



When is the State of Unreal event

The 2022 State of Unreal event is set to kick off at 11AM EDT on Tuesday, April 5.

We can expect the stream to run for a minimum of 4 hours with the potential to extend if they open the floor up for questions

State of Unreal event schedule

As expected, the State of Unreal event is set to open with a Keynote. This section will reveal “what’s next” for the Unreal Engine.

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Following that, fans can expect deep dives into The Matrix Awakens along with a tech talk for those seeking to build their first game.

The full schedule, as available on the Unreal Engine website is as follows:

Agenda for Epic Games' state of unreal addressEpic Games
The agenda for the State of Unreal address

Where to watch the State of Unreal event

The livestream will be available to watch on both Twitch and YouTube. We’ve embedded the broadcast below for your convenience.

That about wraps up all the info we have on the State of Unreal for now.

Rest assured, we will be keeping a sharp eye on the address and any other info of note leading up to it, once it’s passed we’re sure to be all over any of the big updates from the day too.

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