Elder Scrolls Online dev explains challenges of making High Isle's politics fun - Dexerto

Elder Scrolls Online dev explains challenges of making High Isle’s politics fun

Published: 14/Apr/2022 21:30

by Lauren Bergin


The next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, High Isle, is a story based around “political intrigue,” and ESO’s Creative Director, Rich Lambert, has revealed the key ingredients to creating a fun story while maintaining strong cultural themes.

As we draw ever closer to exploring the mysterious world of the High Isle, Elder Scrolls Online fans can count on a complex story revolving around the game’s political sphere.

Described as “delivering 30 new hours of immersive gameplay, highlighted by a main narrative of political intrigue,” many may shy away at the notion of complex, real-life themes making their way into Tamriel’s virtual universe.


There’s no need to fret, however, as ESO’s Creative Director, Rich Lambert, has revealed how the devs have crafted a story that perfectly balances slightly heavier themes with the core aspect of any video game: having fun.

elder scrolls online eso high isle men in armor having a meeting at night
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With Tamriel in turmoil, you’ll have to restore peace to the High Isles.

ESO discusses making politics ‘fun’ in High Isle

In an interview with Dexerto, Lambert revealed how the dev team went about creating a political narrative that still feels enjoyable to play through.

“I think part of it is making sure you have really interesting characters that help bring you through the story and teach you the story,” he states. “The other big part – and this is hard – is to make sure that you aren’t just watching the events happen; you’re participating in the events.”


“If you can pull that off, that makes those types of stories really interesting,” he continues. “Because then it’s the player that’s figuring out what’s going on, and it makes the player feel like they’re having a really big impact in the story and the things that are unfolding.”

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The High Isle is the Monaco of Tamriel; but beneath the surface lurk monsters.

Coming into High Isle, players will be able to recruit two new companions: the spell-slinging Khajiit sorcerer, Ember, and Breton knight, Isobel Velois. As the story progresses, these powerful warriors will no doubt form an integral part of your journey.

As corruption bubbles beneath the porcelain surface of the High Isle, we can’t wait to explore this stunning new vista and, to borrow Lambert’s phrase, “participate” in a story that will leave a lasting legacy on our home away from home.