Elder Scrolls 6 leaker reveals possible release date, main quest & more


A series of Elder Scrolls 6 rumors have surfaced regarding the setting of the upcoming game, its primary quest and release date.

Reddit user ‘ToddIsMyMom’ took to the Bethesda subreddit to reveal classified information about the title, but understandably didn’t want to give too much about themselves away.

“I’m not going to say where exactly I work or who I might know, because I like job security and leaking information is the first huge step to losing that job security,” the leaker began. “Suffice it to say, I’m close with Bethesda Game Studios, and I understand what it’s like to itch for news on a favorite game.”

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Is this actually Yokuda?

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According to the Reddit leaker, the game takes place in High Rock and Hammerfell, but the landmass seen in the announcement trailer is actually Yokuda.

The leaker claims that the team is really excited about this setting because “High Rock hasn’t been really explored since Daggerfall,” and “Hammerfell has a ton of interesting lore that’s really shaping quests and plot lines.”

They went on to add some details about the game’s main quest and how it revolves around Direnni Tower. They claimed that the Elven Supremacist group, The Thalmor, are involved and are exploiting the tensions between Hammerfell and High Rock.

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“As you all know, the title is Redfall, so a lot of that has to do with Hammerfell being threatened,” ToddIsMyMom explained.

In addition to a revamped crafting system and beefed up magic spells, the leaker also hinted that Vampire Guilds will be returning, last seen in Morrowind.

Finally, they shared some major info regarding the game’s release date and potential DLC. “DLC hasn’t been planned yet, because it’s usually based off of ideas individuals have after the game is complete or things we wanted to implement but couldn’t after deadlines,” they revealed. “With that said, expect some pretty cool stuff.”

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Direnni Tower appears in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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As for the release date, if this is to believed, don’t expect to be playing Elder Scrolls VI soon. ToddIsMyMom says to expect a November 2025 release, but noted that it’s “completely unknown at this point.”

Of course, as is always with video game leaks and rumors, take this Redditor’s post with a major grain of salt. We don’t even know how far into production the next Elder Scrolls title is, and given a job listing from January 2020, it seems like this title barely entered full production at the beginning of this year.

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Hopefully, more information is provided soon as Elder Scrolls fans are eager to get their hands on a new addition to the beloved franchise.

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