Elden Ring multiplayer: How to play co-op and invade other players in PvP

Elden Ring multiplayer gameplayFromSoftware

Elden Ring multiplayer enables players to team up and even battle with other adventurers, so if you wish to help or hinder your fellow Tarnished, then be sure to follow our multiplayer guide. 

Just like previous titles in the Dark Souls series, Elden Ring also features multiplayer that allows players to invade other Tarnished. Elden Ring’s multiplayer also enables adventurers to team up for some jolly cooperation, creating opportunities where the community can assist each other when tackling the game’s brutal battles. 

Whether you’re a veteran Dark Souls PvP player who wishes to flex your skills in Elden Ring or a fan of cooperative play, then multiplayer will enable you to do both. However, before you can dive into Elden Ring’s multiplayer, you’ll need to use the following steps.

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How to play co-op in Elden Ring

Elden Ring monster fightFromSoftware
Elden Ring co-op can be a good way to tackle the game’s tougher bosses.

If you want to play multiplayer in Elden Ring, then you’ll need to use the Furcalling Finger Remedy. This item reveals all cooperative summon signs and competitive multiplayer summon signs that appear in the environment. Simply interact with the player you wish to play or duel with to begin the multiplayer session. 

It’s important to note that Furlcalling Finger Remedies are limited in number, and players will need to gather them in solo play if they wish to summon help frequently. Therefore it may be wise to use them sparingly, such as in boss fights or against invaders.

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Lastly, the Tarnished Furled Finger item enables you to create a summon sign for cooperative multiplayer. If you’re playing with a friend and defeat the area’s boss, you’ll need to either resummon or place your summon sign down again to rejoin them.

Unlike the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, the Tarnished Furled Finger is not a consumable item and can be used as many times as you like. You’ll also begin the game with one, meaning you won’t need to track it down before you can play co-op.

How many players can join in Elden Ring multiplayer?

Up to four players can play together in a single Elden Ring co-op session. So, if you’re really struggling with the game’s bosses or just want to quickly eliminate any pesky invaders, then be sure to summon your small army to rid yourself of the imposing threats.

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How to invade in Elden Ring

Elden Ring combat screenshotFromSoftware
Invading comes with plenty of risk in Elden Ring.

In order to invade in Elden Ring, you’ll need to use the Bloody Finger. Once you’ve selected this item from your menu, you’ll be transported to another player’s world. Upon arriving at the location, you’ll be tasked with hunting down your victim and killing them in order to claim a dominant victory. 

While you may have shown up unannounced, NPCs and environmental hazards still pose a threat. Your enemy can also summon other players into the world in order to assist them, so it’s often best to dispatch them quickly. Should your hunt prove unsuccessful, you can attempt to re-invade the same player by simply using the Bloody Finger once again. 

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How to duel in Elden Ring

Elden Ring knight screenshotFromSoftware
Elden Ring duels offer a more civilized approach to battle.

If you prefer to simply duel in Elden Ring, then you can utilize the Duelist’s Furled Finger to set up some bloody bouts. Unlike the Bloody Finger that enables you to invade, the Duelist’s Furled Finger creates a summon sign that other players can interact with. 

If another player summons you, both parties will battle it out to the death. It’s here where players can truly flex their character’s build and showcase their lethality. 

So, there you have it, everything you need to play Elden Ring co-op and how you can invade other players. Make sure you check out our Elden Ring page for all the latest news and guides. 

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