Elden Ring director reveals next game in final stages of development

Elden Ring screenshotFromSoftware

A new interview with Elden Ring director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has shed some light on Elden Ring’s development and even revealed that the next From Software game is in development. 

Following on from the hugely successful release of Elden Ring, Japanese video game website 4Gamer sat down with  FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki to discuss the game’s development. 

However, it was during this interview that Miyazki revealed that his next game is in the final stages of development (as translated by industry tweeter Nibellion), with many (Nibellion included) suggesting this could be the next iteration in the Armored Core franchise which leaked earlier this year.

Elden Ring summonFromSoftware
Elden Ring has proven incredibly popular amongst Souls fans.

When asked about his decision to make Elden Ring open-world, Miyazaki stated that the ambitious nature of his latest title was down to the growth of human resources in the company, which has led to a number of other titles being created by FromSoftware. 

“There are several titles directed by people other than me,” said the creative director. “It’s time to increase the number of developers. I think we can show you the direction of another color of FromSoftware, so please look forward to it.”

It’s important to note that FromSoftware is currently hiring for “several new projects”, which was officially announced via the developer’s careers page. It’s hard to say what these could be, but Elden Ring 2 is likely an option.

elden ring survival modeFromSoftware
Miyazaki has revealed that his next project is in development.

“As a director, the next title is already in motion,” said Miyazaki. While he didn’t allude to what this new game would be, he did state that in the medium to long term he’d love to work on a fantasy with “a higher degree of abstraction than past works.”

If that wasn’t enough, Miyazaki also noted that Elden Ring will continue to see further updates in the future. This news comes after fans have been busy speculating what potential Elden Ring DLC could look like, especially since leaks and rumors continue to circulate online. 

Details may be rather scarce at the moment, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest developments. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Elden Ring page for powerful builds and helpful guides.