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eFootball 2022 Season 1 update 1.0.0 patch notes: New leagues, licenses, bug fixes

Published: 14/Apr/2022 16:39

by Andrew Highton


Konami has launched the first major patch for eFootball 2022 and the 1.0.0 update feels like the true beginning of the game. The patch notes reveal a ton of changes to the game including new licenses, equipment, and a lot more.

FIFA’s biggest rival went in a bold new direction in 2021 by rebranding the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise as eFootball. Konami also made the big business decision to make eFootball 2022 free-to-play.

Despite the lack of a price tag, the game’s launch in September 2021 was a truly disastrous one, with the game becoming the worst reviewed game on Metacritic in 2021 with a score of 25 out of 100. “Terrible graphics” and a lack of content, among many other things, contributed to a less than ideal debut.


It seems like Konami have been hard at work since as the 1.0.0 update looks to fix a lot of eFootball 2022’s problems.


lionel messi looking to the side in efootball 2022
Messi wasn’t best represented in the early build of eFootball 2022.

eFootball 2022 update 1.0.0 release date & time

The 1.0.0 update for eFootball 2022 was officially released on April 14, 2022, and is ready to download on your system right now.

Players of the game can boot up the game and have the update ready to install, or it should be done automatically if you’ve fiddled around with the system’s settings.

eFootball 2022 1.0.0 update features

A significant update such as this one has to come bearing some major changes and it does so with several new leagues to pick teams from, over a thousand new player faces, up-to-date kits, and a lot more. Not only that, but Konami have addressed a plethora of notable bugs in the game and ironed them out.


varane trying to tackle juventus player in efootball 2022
The 1.0.0 patch could be the start of something special for eFootball 2022.

eFootball 2022 update 1.0.0 patch notes

Now, there are a mind-boggling amount of changes and improvements that have been made to eFootball 2022 with this Season 1 update and you can find the entire list of changes right here.

To condense this, we have singled out a lot of the main points.

The “New Football Game” that eFootball™ 2022 Envisions

Player and Ball Behaviours

  • Player behaviours, on which everything is based upon, has been rebuilt from the ground up. The centre of gravity and inertia are pertinently utilised for moves such as dashing and stopping; Be it dribbling to dodge an oncoming opponent, or breaking the opposition down with a one-touch pass or a switch of play — now you can experience the sensation of “swinging” and “being swung” as if you are playing football in real-life.
  • We have made changes to the kicking actions so that the time needed for kicks of various distance will vary, and there will be preliminary actions needed for incisive kicks to be played. We were also able to brush up ball trajectories with the help of research institutes. From dipping shots and bending crosses, to top-spin through balls and ricochets from blocked shots — you can now see convincing ball behaviours amongst many different scenarios.
  • Natural player behaviours, and ball behaviours that take rotation, springiness and friction into account — All of these elements help create the “moment of suspense” that we so often experience in modern football. When dribbling past opponents and breaking through the last line of defence with passing plays, these are the factors that give us the exhilaration we crave for.

Tactical Team Battles

New Team Building “Dream Team”

  • This is a brand-new game mode where you can build your original team by signing players and managers, and compete against users from around the world.
  • In “Dream Team”, you can handpick and sign players and managers that are consonant with your football ideologies. Moreover, you can develop and strengthen your players for them to match your own playstyle.
  • Remember to check the “Team Playstyle Level” of your team, as it is an indicator of how functional your Team Playstyle (tactical setup) is.
  • There are 5 Team Playstyles on offer: “Possession Game”, “Quick Counter”, “Long Ball Counter”, “Long Ball”, and “Out Wide”. All players and managers will have a new attribute called “Team Playstyle Proficiency”, which indicates how adept they are at each of the Team Playstyles.
  • By finding your preferred Team Playstyle and building a team with players that are proficient in that style, you can increase the Team Playstyle Level.
  • Beware that if your Team Playstyle Level is low, your players will not be able to fulfil their true potential.
  • Player movements will gradually improve as your Team Playstyle Level reaches 50, and at 70 your team will be able to realise their potential. For starters, choose your preferred Team Playstyle and aim for a Team Playstyle Level of 70 and above!
  • When you manage to increase your Team Playstyle Level above 70, you will notice that your players will be able to put in a show above their normal capabilities.
  • Making use of in-game items that you can acquire over the course of matches; Organising your team through signing and developing players; Finding the Team Playstyle that suits you best — Build your very own “Dream Team” and bring your football ideologies into life. Most importantly, take part in heated battles against “Dream Teams” built by users around the world to prove that you are truly the best!

Dream Team Playing Concepts

How to Play Dream Team

  • Themed Enjoyment
  • A “Season”, which will run for a limited period, will have a theme for the events you can play using your Dream Team.
  • Each Season’s theme will reflect hot topics in the real footballing world, and will have a wide variety of events to match. There are Challenge Events for you to play against other users, or Tour Events for you to go up against the AI. These are some amongst the many events that we have on offer.
  • Note that signing players and assembling a team that matches the Season’s theme can give you an advantage in these events.
  • Build a unique team for each Season, and enjoy all kinds of matches!
  • This is a Division-based league where you play PvP matches to rise to the top. Develop your Dream Team by signing your favourite players and managers and enter the league to play against users from around the world.
  • Each Phase will last 28 days, during which you will be playing matches repeatedly with the aim of progressing to the highest Division possible.
  • If you can reach the Promotion Threshold within 10 matches, you will be promoted; On the other hand, if you fail to reach the Remain Threshold, you will be relegated.
  • Once you reach the top Division (Division 1), you will start playing to rise through the rankings. The battle changes from a fight for promotion to a fight for position.
  • At the end of a Phase, rewards will be awarded according to the highest Division reached. Rankings will be reset and a new Phase begins.
  • Use the rewards you earn to strengthen your team and aim even higher!

Player Signings and Card Types

  • One of the main features of Dream Team is that you can acquire the services of specific players and managers. You can sign Standard players and managers of your choice using GP that you obtain throughout the course of the game.
  • The different Player Types, and the ways to sign players are described below.

Player Development

  • Abilities of Standard, Featured, and Legendary players can be boosted via Training. Develop your ideal players to better suit your team’s tactics.
  • Trending players on the other hand have their Abilities based on their real-world performances in a particular week, month, etc. While they can be an immediately effective inclusion into the team, they cannot be developed further.

New Licenses

Japanese and North American licence data have been included as new additions to the game.

  • Meiji Yasuda J1 League
  • Meiji Yasuda J2 League
  • MLS Players Association * “MLSPA” players will appear in the “American League” in-game.
  • USL Championship

Other New Contents

  • Real Faces: Updated faces for around 1200 players from newly licensed teams, club teams and national teams
  • Strips: Updated around 400 Strips for national teams and club teams, including those from newly licensed teams.
  • Official Balls: Added 13 official balls from leagues around the world.
  • Boots: Added 12 newest models of boots from adidas, LOTTO, NIKE and PUMA.
  • Goalkeeper Gloves: Added 3 newest models of goalkeeper gloves from Kaliaaer, LOTTO and SELLS.

General Fixes Applied to Mitigate or Eliminate the Bugs Shown Below

  • The application may crash due to an error
  • The screen may freeze in-game
  • High processing load during matches and in the Game Plan screen
  • The speed of the ball and player movement may decrease during matches
  • The responsiveness to command inputs may become slower during matches
  • The ball may pass through a player’s body during a match
  • Some players may be shown gliding on the ground during a match
  • Player models may be distorted and their movements may feel unnatural when they collide with each other
  • Fouls may not be given out to some plays that were clearly fouls
  • Lighting errors may occur in some stadiums during instances such as entrance cutscenes
  • Stadium structures may display erroneously during cutscenes
  • The camera may move unstably during players’ entrance cutscenes
  • If certain commands are performed before taking a corner kick, the ball may seem to teleport from one place to another
  • After forgoing a quick restart, the cutscene of a player being cautioned by the referee may erroneously play
  • When switching between cuts in certain cutscenes, players may seem to teleport from one place to another for a split second
  • When switching between cuts in certain cutscenes, models and other displayed objects may disappear momentarily
  • The camera may focus on unintended areas during in-match cutscenes
  • The stadium may become darker for a few seconds during instances such as right after the second half kick-off
  • For in-match Camera Settings, a different preview than the configured settings may be displayed
  • Errors may occur when triggering certain goal celebrations
  • Players may run in a strange fashion during the goal celebration
  • After skipping a goal celebration cutscene, some displayed objects may disappear
  • The camera may be out of focus during cutscenes such as goal celebrations
  • The camera angle may become lower than ground level for goal celebrations after scoring a penalty kick
  • During the half-time results screen, the graphics of the stands are distorted
  • When the penalty shootout cutscene begins, unrelated cutscenes are played momentarily
  • When transitioning from the Results screen to the Highlights after a match, the wrong camera angle is shown momentarily
  • When ending a match from the pause menu, an image of the pitch shown from above may be displayed momentarily
  • Certain commands cause the UI display of the replay function to become erroneous
  • When using the replay function, switching the target player may result in a momentary delay of player display and sometimes cause other players to disappear
  • High graphics processing load when using the replay function
  • If a player makes contact with the goal net as the screen cuts to a replay, the goal net graphics may become distorted
  • When playing an online PvP match, one of the users disconnecting may cause the match to be deemed void
  • After scoring a goal in online PvP matches, the opponent can instantly skip the subsequent cutscenes
  • Performing certain commands in the team selection screen may cause the background to become blurred
  • The area selection icons may be displayed erroneously when returning to the area selection screen while scrolling down team selection menu
  • Certain commands may cause the menu screen to be displayed incorrectly
  • Certain commands may cause erroneous menu sound effects to be played
  • In certain screens, team names are only partially displayed
  • In some languages, the end of texts in certain screens are erroneously not displayed
  • In some languages, the bottom part of letters are displayed erroneously in certain screens
  • During screen transitions, unintended background images may be displayed momentarily

Global Improvements

  • A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches, with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience

Upcoming Updates

Future updates will include features that allow for a greater scope of play. Additional details, such as the release schedule, will be announced at a later date.

  • Mobile Version Update
  • The update from “eFootball PES 2021” to “eFootball™ 2022” will soon be available.
  • Match Pass: Complete special Objectives, such as playing a certain number of matches, to win amazing rewards. An example of a reward that can be obtained through the Match Pass is the “Nominating Contract”, which is an item that allows you to nominate a player of your choice to sign.
  • Objectives: Earn rewards for completing specific missions.
  • Cross-Platform (CS/PC)
  • Console users and PC users will be able to play against each other.
  • Cross-platform plays with mobile users, as well as mobile controller compatibility, will be available in future updates.