Eagle-eyed Zelda fan spots Tears of the Kingdom reference in BoTW

Zelda holding a tear in Tears of the KingdomNintendo

The Zelda fandom is doing its best to find hints about the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel – Tears of the Kingdom – and one fan discovered a reference to TotK while replaying the original game.

There are few gaming communities out there that are as dedicated to the lore from their favorite series quite like the Zelda fandom is. With the sequel to Breath of the Wild releasing soon, fans are scouring the original game while replaying to fully understand the story.

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Whether they want to know more about Breath of the Wild itself or perhaps even search for hints pointing to Tears of the Kingdom‘s plot, players have been sharing their replay experiences on social media with other fans.

One fan was doing just that when they came across an obvious reference to Tears of the Kingdom in Breath of the Wild. It seems that the writers behind the Zelda games put much more thought into the future of the series when working on past games than fans originally thought.

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Tears of the Kingdom reference spotted in Breath of the Wild

Taking to Reddit to share their discovery in Breath of the Wild, one player noticed that one of the Gerudo heroines had a unique emblem. What made the emblem so interesting to the fan was that it obviously resembled one of the tears from the last Tears of the Kingdom trailer.

The emblem does not only resemble a tear from the upcoming sequel, but it specifically seems to be the tear that is held by Ganondorf himself. The color beneath the emblem is red, and the tear that Ganondorf is shown to have in the trailer is also red.

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Each tear shown had its own unique color and keeper, so it is unlikely to represent any other character’s. Despite all of this, some fans are not yet convinced by the discovery. They do not deem it plausible for the writers to have looked ahead (or back) in such a way and view it as simple happenstance.

One player responded to the discovery by saying, “This is just a coincidence because there are other shapes as well, none with greater or lesser significance than the other.” Others agreed stating that it could also be symbolic of Japanese history rather than just the Zelda lore itself.

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Until Tears of the Kingdom officially releases on May 12, it is impossible to tell whether or not this tear theory holds any truth. For now, fans will continue to eagerly replay the sequel’s predecessor and speculate online.