EA reveals dev plans for Skate 4 with new Full Circle studio

. 1 year ago
Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has announced that it has formed a brand new development studio titled Full Circle and that they will be focused solely on the upcoming untitled Skate game, which most people assume to be Skate 4, that was announced last year during EA Play.

If you were excited about the new Skate game that was announced last year and were wondering who was working on it then your questions have finally been answered.

EA’s newest development studio, Full Circle, will be dedicated to bringing the currently untitled Skate game to life, which many assume to be Skate 4, although that’s purely speculation at this time.

Like the game itself, details about the new studio are scarce, however, we do know that former Head of Xbox Live at Microsoft Daniel McCulloch will be leading the team, while Deran Chung and Cuz Parry, two people who have had a major creative role on previous entries in the series, will be back as well.

Electronic Arts
Skate 3, which hit store shelves in 2010, was the last entry in the franchise.

While the new studio is set to be based in Vancouver, Full Circle will have team members working around the world, including in EA offices in Orlando, Austin, Pasadena, Playa Vista, Redwood City, and Seattle.

Unfortunately, it seems like EA/Full Circle is still keeping what they’re working on under tight wraps for the time being, as we didn’t learn any new details about the next Skate game during the announcement of the studio.

The only thing we know right now is that it’s set to be “the next evolution of Skate” and that it will “embrace and build upon everything our community found special about the previous games,” which is a bit of a nonanswer to say the least.

The next Skate game was famously announced as a “one more thing”-style announcement during the EA Play livestream in June of 2020 but there were essentially no details revealed about the game at the time.

Now that EA has announced the studio working on the title, here’s hoping it’s not too much longer before we learn more details about the game.

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