EA apologizes for Mirror’s Edge delisting “error” but confirms Battlefield takedowns

Mirrors Edge first released in 2008.EA

All good things must come to an end, but nostalgic video gamers are not quite ready to say goodbye to a few classic EA titles.

You had to be there to understand perfectly summarizes what it’s like being an FPS fan. Once a new Call of Duty or Battlefield title releases, fans flock to the new bright and shiny experience while rarely ever revisiting an old title.

Battlefield 2042 marked a rare example of a game flopping so badly that fans actually preferred playing Battlefield V. EA games defy typical FPS logic, as Battlefield 4 still boasts an average player count of 1,370, despite releasing in 2013.

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No game ever comes close to reaching its peak after a new installment comes out, and EA decided to bid farewell to a few ancient titles.

Video game fans mourn loss of fan favorite EA games

On March 21, EA announced that starting on April 28, 2023, Battlefield 1943 (2009) , Battlefield: Bad Company 1 (2008) & 2 (2010), and Mirror’s Edge (2009) will be removed from digital storefronts.

On December 8, 2023, the company is retiring the online services for each game. EA clarified that players will still be able to play the single-player campaigns for each game.

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battlefield DICE EADICE
Battlefield fans always revisit old games regularly.

Battlefield 1943 does not have any offline modes, but Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2 offer two of the most memorable single-player experiences in the series.

Fans reluctantly accepted the decision to delist the Battlefield games but couldn’t come to grips with delisting Mirror’s Edge. There was a ton of backlash under the now-deleted tweet from the Battlefield Twitter account.

“This sucks major for Mirror’s Edge. One of the most forward-thinking and original games EA has ever made, and it’s just gonna be taken away because the greedy suits in charge don’t want to pay the server cost for the time trial leaderboards.”

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A second Mirrors Edge fan added, “how can you delist mirrors edge in good faith!?! It’s a single-player game!”

Clearly EA caught wind of the backlash and have since removed the original Mirror’s Edge from the blog post, claiming that the game being lumped in with the other DICE titles being removed was an error.

It’s a shame that players will no longer be able to compete on online leaderboards for the game after December 8, 2023, but at least new players will get to purchase and experience the classic speedrunning title for years to come.

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Battlefield fans, however, have accepted it is time to say goodbye to some of their favorite games.

“I knew this would happen eventually, but Bad Company 2 is legitimately the best Multiplayer game I’ve ever played.”

Fans of the Bad Company spinoff series are holding on to a sliver of hope, praying this announcement hints at potential remakes or sequels. And Mirror’s Edge fans probably wouldn’t complain about DICE taking another stab at the series, either.

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