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Dying Light 2 Factions explained: How your choices impact the game

Published: 27/May/2021 21:23

by Nick Farrell


Some major news was revealed during the Dying Light 2 showcase on May 27. Techland has given us even more reasons to be excited about the upcoming sequel, and the horde has never looked scarier!

Dying Light 2 is the upcoming sequel to the open-world RPG zombie survival game that first premiered in 2015. While it has been some time since it was originally announced, we are now getting more details about the game in 2021.

Techland held a special stream showcasing some aspects of the game on May 27th, 2021; and there were some groundbreaking details around Dying Light 2 that were revealed. One of these is a new component coming with the sequel, and that is the three factions you can side against.


Here are all of them and how choices will work within Dying Light 2.

Choices are a core component of Dying Light 2

All three factions in Dying Light 2

This is a brand new aspect of the Dying Light series that players will be able to experience when it releases on December 7th, 2021. Essentially, over the course of the game, you will encounter three different factions that all differ drastically.

Techland has noted that you will be able to make your own choices in regards to which factions you ally yourself with, and which ones you neglect. Choosing one faction over the other is going to affect not only the story but other components such as the environment of the world and which characters live and die.


We are going to run over all three factions and the backstory behind each of them now.


survivors faction
Survivors move around from settlement to settlement

Survivors are wandering citizens that are known for being able to set up bases wherever they are located. They are experts at utilizing the surrounding elements in order to produce the essentials, but it appears they lack firepower compared to the other factions.


Law and order is what the peacekeepers pride themselves in

Regarded as the most powerful faction within the game, Peacekeepers are former military soldiers that are trying to establish law and order within the world. They are feared by many due to their brute force and the settlements they have established.



Renegades operate directly opposite of the Peacekeepers

Contrary to the ex-soldiers that the Peacekeepers are comprised of, the Renegades are all former prisons who follow under their strict Colonel. They are seeking to obliterate all other factions in order to be the sole rulers of the city.

How choices impact Dying Light 2

No matter which faction you decide to help the most, your actions are going to have consequences. You can use these factions to help achieve your goal, as there will be major environmental changes throughout due to the choices you make.

As well, if you decide you do not like a certain faction, you can take on missions to harm them directly to dwindle them out of existence, leaving more space for other factions.


There seems to be little within Dying Light 2 that will not have an effect on how the story is played out, and it is up to you to decide how you want the world to shape out.