Dr Disrespect takes over Times Square with new Midnight Society game teaser

Joe Craven
Dr Disrespect streaming next to Midnight SOciety logo
YT: Dr Disrespect

Mustached streaming legend Dr Disrespect has stunned fans with a complete takeover of New York City’s Times Square to promote Project Moon, his upcoming gaming release from his studio Midnight Society.

Dr Disrespect’s background in game development is well-documented, with Guy Beahm (the man behind the mustache) working on Advanced Warfare as part of Sledgehammer Games prior to turning to full-time Twitch streaming.

He occasionally dips back into his game-development roots, offering advice to studios and even designing custom maps for them when the mood takes him.

However, fans have been specifically excited about his upcoming FPS title known as Project Moon, a battle royale developed by his own game studio Midnight Society. Details remain limited, but NFTs will play a part of the Founder’s Pass, a move defended by the two-time.

midnight society responds to NFT
Midnight Society
Midnight Society is Dr Disrespect’s game studio.

Now, in order to promote the studio and the upcoming title, the Doc orchestrated an epic takeover of one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the world.

In a June 24 tweet, the Doc shared footage of Times Square’s famous billboards displaying advertisements for Midnight Society, with the teaser: “Enter the Existence. July 29th.”

He captioned it: “Goodbye NYC. Wow wow wow wow what a city.”

Fans were stunned at the video, showing one of the most visited attractions in the world promoting a YouTube streamer’s own studio and upcoming title.

It’s also unclear what kind of teaser we can expect on July 29th, but it looks to be shaping up as a major day in the build-up to Project Moon’s launch.

Whatever comes, we can expect it to do so with the same violence, speed, and momentum as the Doc always provides.