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Dragon Age Origins gift guide: How to give gifts, locations & who to give them to

Published: 21/Oct/2021 10:43 Updated: 21/Oct/2021 11:31

by Lauren Bergin


Dragon Age Origins’ gift system allows you to collect or purchase items to impress your favorite characters. Here’s how to give gifts in Dragon Age Origins and who to give them to.

Despite being released all the way back in 2009, Dragon Age Origins has etched itself into the RPG history books and won the hearts of fans all across Thedas.

Spawning several followup titles in the form of Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, the fourth installment of the classic series is rumored to be appearing sometime in 2022.

If you’re still hopelessly obsessed with the original like us, though, you may be wondering about the game’s bonding system. So, here’s how to give gifts in Dragon Age Origins, and where to find all of your companion’s secret desires.



Dragon Age origins cover art
Dragon Age: Origins has set one of gaming’s greatest stories in motion.

Dragon Age Origins gifts

You may be wondering why the game even includes a gift system in the first place, and why it matters to give your fellow warriors gifts.

Characters in Dragon Age have an approval rating based upon the choices your Grey Warden makes. Agree with them, they’ll approve. Disagree, and they won’t be a big fan. Gifts are an easy way to mend fractured relationships, or enhance the ones you already have.

There are two types of gift:

Gift Type Approval Points
Regular +5
Special +10
Plot +10

Importantly, the amount of approval a character gives will diminish by 1 for each gift given, and once players hit 100 approval, gifts don’t do anything. Additionally, if you’re in one of your fellow traveler’s bad books, you’ll only receive half the approval points of the gift given.


Dragon Age Origins: How to give gifts

If you’re someone who cares about your popularity, as well as unlocking some unique quests and interactions with your followers, then you’ll need to know how to give them their gifts.

In order to give a character a gift:

  1. Go to your Inventory.
  2. Select the character the gift is for.
  3. Highlight the gift.
  4. Give the gift and watch those approval ratings soar!
    • X on PlayStation
    • A on XBOX
    • Double click the gift, or drag it to the recipient on PC.

Dragon Age Origins: Who to give gifts to & locations list


Dragon Age alistair knight sitting down with hand across knee
The lovable Alistair isn’t averse to the odd gift or two!

Your trusty ally through and through, junior Grey Warden turned Ferelden’s saving grace, Alistair, can befriend the male Warden or romance the female. Whether you’re looking for friendship or something a little more, here’s all of the gifts you’ll need to snatch the handsome joker’s heart.

Gift Name Gift Type Location
Alistair’s Mother’s Amulet Plot gift Redcliffe Castle, Arl Eamon’s study
Duncan’s Shield Plot gift Grey Warden Vault, behind a bookcase in Denerim’s Market Warehouse.
Black Runestone Special Locked chest at Aeducan Thaig
Joining Chalice Special Acquired via the Return to Ostagar DLC
Onyx Demon Statuette Special In a bone pile by the South Gravestone in East Brecilian Forest
Small Carved Statuette Special Inside a crate on the North side of Lothering
Stone Dragon Statuette Special Locked chest on the second floor of Redcliffe Castle
Stone Warrior Statuette Special In Dragon Filth at the Mountainside Carverns during the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest
White Runestone Special Looted from an Abomination in the Great Hall of The Circle Tower.


Dragon Age Origins dog attacks an enemy
Your dog quite quickly becomes your most loyal (and fearsome) companion.

Saved from death early in the story by the Warden, you’ll be reunited with your canine companion after the events of the Battle of Ostagar – and who wouldn’t want to shower this adorable fluffball with gifts! Bear in mind that his approval rating always sits at 100, so if you desperately want someone else’s attention you can give his gifts to them, instead.


Gift Name Gift Type Location
Beef Bone Special Ostagar
Beef Bone Special Templar’s Quarters at The Circle Tower
Found Cake Special Found by Dog
Tangled Ball of Yarn Special Found by Dog
Lamb Bone Special Main floor of Redcliffe Castle in a chest
Large Bone Special Haven
Large Bone Special Soldier’s Keep in the Warden’s Keep DLC
Ox Bone Special In rubble at the West Brecilian Forest
Veal Bone Special Denerim Alienage


Dragon Age Origins grey warden speaks to a bloodstained girl
She may be a Chantry girl, but the heart of battle is where this assassin thrives.

Straight out of the Chantry and into the heat of battle, former assassin turned agent of Andraste Leliana is a pretty simple girl to please. Romancable by both the male and female Warden, earning her approval is relatively easy. Tldr: she really likes shoes.

Gift Name Gift Type Location
Andraste’s Grace Plot
  • Redcliffe by the Windmill
  • West Brecilian Forest
  • Denerim Alienage
Cute Nug Plot Bought from the Idle Dwarf in Dust Town.
Blue Satin Shoes Special Bought via random drop from Old Tegrin
Silver Sword of Mercy Special Bought via random drop from Old Tegrin
Bronze Symbol of Andraste Special Locked chest in Lothering Chantry
Chantry Amulet Special Looted from a Templar body in The Circle’s Senior Mage Quarters
Etched Silver Symbol Special Buy from Ruck at Ortan Thaig
Golden Symbol of Andraste Special Buy from Legnar in Orzammar Commons
Silver Symbol of Andraste Special Gentivi’s Home in Denerim Market District


Dragon Age knight runs into battle covered in blood
Logahin may be the bad guy, but that means he’ll love a good bribe, right?

Yes, you read that right, Logahin. You can buy gifts for the big bad guy. Depending if he joins you at the Landsmeet, you can attempt to win him even more by sneaking him some cheeky surprises.

Gift Name Gift Type Location
Current map of Ferelden Special Denerim Alienage
Ancient Map of the Imperium Special Bought from Wonders of Thedas in Denerim Market District
Map of Occupied Ferelden Special Obtained during the Final Onslaught in a chest in Redcliffe Castle
Map of Anderfels Special Found in the Grey Warden Vault in Denerim Market District


Dragon Age woman stands against a wall overlooking dark forest
Morrigan is one of the game’s fan favorites.

Shrouded in mystery that hides a heart of gold, Witch of the Wilds Morrigan also accompanies the Warden on their journey from start to finish. A possible lover of the male Warden and friend of the female, here’s how to break down that thorny exterior.


Gift Name Gift Type Location
Black Grimoire Plot Irving’s Chest in the Circle’s Senior Mage Quarters
Flemeth’s Grimoire Plot In a locked chest in Flemeth’s hut (key acquired by defeating her in battle)
Golden Mirror Plot Bought from Garin’s store in Orzammar Commons
Gold Amulet Special Bought from Garin’s store in Orzammar Commons
Gold Demon Pendant Special Found in The Gauntlet at the Mountain Top during the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest
Golden Rope Necklace Special Bought from Bodahn in camp
Locket Special Found in an Iron Chest at the Haven store
Silver Brooch Special Bought from Varathorn at the Dalish Camp
Silver Chain Special Found in a vanity in the Circle’s Senior Mage Quarters
Silver Medallion Special Dragon Hoard in the Ruins Upper Level of the Brecilian Ruins


Dragon Age Origins ginger bearded warrior dwarf looks into camera
As you can imagine, the route to Oghren’s heart is ruining his liver.

Rough and ready on the outside but adorable in the inside, having the Dwarven tank, Oghren, on your side is a pretty good idea. After all, he has one very large ax and a habit of flying off the handle for no reason at all.

Gift Name Gift Type Location
Ale Special Bought from:
  • Barlin in Lothering
  • Lloyd at Redcliffe Village
  • Bartender in Denerim Market District
Alley King’s Flagon Special Bought from Legnar in the Orzammar Commons
Chasind Sack Mead Special Found among dusty scrolls in the Ruined Temple during the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest
Garbolg’s Backcountry Reserve Special Found by the dog
Golden Scythe 4:90 Black Special Found in a crate in Lothering
Legacy White Shear Special In a sarcophagus in the Lower Ruins of the Brecilian Ruins
Whilhelm’s Special Brew Special Found in Honnleath during the Stone Prisoner DLC
Sun Blonde Vint-1 Special Found in a vanity in the Circle’s Senior Mage Quarters


dragon age origins stone golem speaks emphatically in front of an old house
Available to those playing The Stone Prisoner DLC, Shale is quite the character.

A companion that you can only meet during the Stone Prisoner DLC, Shale is a golem with a love for jewels. Her gifts only provide +5 approval, but ironically run a lot more expensive than the gifts for your other companions.

Gift Name Gift Type Location
Remarkable Amethyst Regular Bought from Alimar in Dust Town
Remarkable Diamond Regular Bought from Garin in Orzammar Commons (Console only)
Remarkable Sapphire Regular Bought from Figor in Orzammar Commons
Remarkable Emerald Regular Bought from Legnar in Orzammar Commons
Remarkable Greenstone Regular Found in Honnleath (Stone Prisoner DLC)
Remarkable Malachite Regular Looted from the Circle Tower’s Quartermaster in the Apprentice Quarters
Remarkable Ruby Regular Dropped by Orge Alpha in Cadash Thaig
Remarkable Topaz Regular Bought from Faryn outside the enterance to Orzammar Commons


Dragon Age Origins tanned warrior with white cornrows prepares for battle
Freeing Sten from his Lothering confinements is a pretty good idea in Dragon Age Origins.

The first Quinari you ever encounter in Dragon Age is the silent but deadly Sten, who you can release from a cage in Lothering. A lover of all things fine in life, Sten’s apparently brutish appearance doesn’t fit his classy taste in gifts.


Gift Name Gift Type Location
Sten’s Sword Plot Confront the scavenger at Lake Calenhad Docks after achieving 25 approval with Sten.
Painting of the Rebel Queen Special Bought via random drop from Old Tegrin
Silver Framed Still Life Special Found in a chest on the Upper Floor of Redcliffe Castle
Portrait of a Goosegirl Special Bought from Faryn in the Frostback Mountains
Totem Special In a chest at the Deep Roads at Caridin’s Cross
Water Stained Portrait Special Looted from a charred body in the Circle Tower’s Senior Mage Quarters.


Dragon Age Origins older female mage looks into camera
Wynne is one of The Circle’s fiercest spell slingers.

Reflecting your typical older female mage, Wynne is a fan of a good book – as well as a good glass (or well, bottle) of wine to go with it. Words are the way to Wynne’s heart, and she’s a fearsome force to have on-side.

Gift Name Gift Type Location
Discovering Dragon’s Blood Regular Found in a bookshelf in the Ruined Temple during the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest
The Guerrin’s of Ferelden Regular  Found in a bookshelf on the upper floors of Redcliffe Castle
Fancy Scroll Regular Found in a sarcophagus in the Lower Ruins of the Brecilian Ruins
The Rose of Orlais Regular Found in a pile of books in the Circle Tower’s Senior Mage Quarters
Wine Regular Bought from:
  • Innkeeper at Lake Calenhad Drydocks
  • Bella in Redcliffe Tavern
  • Merchant in Lothering


Dragon Age Origins elf man with two daggers looks at camera
Crow assassin and devilish rogue Zevran (left) loves playing the gifting game.

Charming and inquisitive, but deadly with a dagger, Crow Assassin Zevran loves a good surprise. A possible lover of both the male and female Warden, earning Zevran’s approval doesn’t seem too difficult, but truly winning his heart is another matter entirely.

Gift Name Gift Type Location
Antivan Leather Boots Plot Found in a locked chest in Haven’s store
Dalish Gloves Plot Found in the West Brecilian Forest after visiting the abandoned campsite.
Medium Gold Bar Special Found in a treasure pile at the Arl of Denerim’s Estate
Medium Silver Bar Special Found at the Anvil of the Void during A Paragon of Her Kind
Small Gold Bar Special Looted from Charmed Templars in the Circle Tower
Small Silver Bar Special Found in the Inscribed Chest in Haven’s Chantry

So that’s a full guide for all things gifting in Dragon Age Origins! Looking for more gaming news? Be sure to check out our dedicated page.