Dr Disrespect finally dominates NBA 2K23 as himself after initial blunder

Dr Disrespect on Golden State Warriors in NBA 2K232K / DrDisrespect

Moustached YouTube entertainer Dr Disrespect has finally been able to dominate NBA 2K23 as himself, despite some initial struggles curtailing the incredible in-game render of the two-time. 

The end of summer and the beginning of fall means only one thing for sports fans – a new set of video games.

While football fans won’t get their hands on FIFA 23 until the end of September, basketball fans have already been treated to the release of NBA 2K23, the latest installment of the much-loved series. 

The newest title has certainly steered into its popularity in the influencer community, incorporating 100 Thieves apparel and, even more impressively, rendering Dr Disrespect with jaw-dropping accuracy.

Naturally, Doc dropped into the court as himself but it didn’t quite go to plan, with the streamer quickly mocked by his viewers for his in-game struggles. 

Dr Disrespect redeems early NBA 2K23 struggles with explosive gameplay

However, that all changed in a September 10 live stream when the Doc ironed out early issues and dominated the competition with the violence, speed and momentum we’ve come to expect. 

He shared the highlights on Twitter with the caption “What a day”. 

The compilation showed off Doc’s in-game talents, with the million VC handed to him by 2K seeing the YouTuber quickly ascend to 99 OVR. 

From shooting threes to grabbing rebounds, the Doc’s gameplay has certainly improved since his initial failings.

He even muscled his way into the paint a few times, finishing with a host of flashy dunks and lay-ups. 

Fans were impressed with the turnaround in Doc’s gameplay, once again showing his natural aptitude for video games of all varieties.