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Gaming • Mar 13, 2019

When is Doom Eternal coming out? Release date, rumors and more

When is Doom Eternal coming out? Release date, rumors and more

Doom Eternal will be the 5th main title in the Doom series, following on from "Doom" released in 2016. It is developed by ID Software, the developers of the original Doom game, and published by Bethesda Softworks.


The Doom series is one of the most iconic in video game history. The original Doom game from 1993 is considered one of the most important games ever for having helped pioneer the FPS genre.

What platforms will Doom Eternal be available on?

Much like the 2016 installment of the series, Doom Eternal will be available on all of the major platforms. This includes PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.


Doom Eternal gameplay

The hype for Doom Eternal has only been increased by the substantial amount of gameplay footage that was released in August 2018.

The gameplay shows off an array of Doom-esque guns, monsters (demons) and various battle locations. Classic pick-up items such as old blue potions are also present, which at helps to keeps that iconic Doom feel.


Other takeaways from the 15-minutes worth of footage include the hint that it might be little too easy to kill (kill is an understatement), although this is probably just an effort to highlight the game.

Extra details such as the announcement system saying: "Demon can be an offensive term, refer to them as mortally challenged," only add to the excitement.

Doom Eternal release date

Despite being announced at E3 2018, we still don't have a release date for Doom Eternal. Bethesda have remained coy so far.

Given we are now in March (at the time of writing) a 2019 is beginning to look more unlikely. Consequently, a release in the first half of 2020 is the guess of many pundits.

However, triple A game release dates have been pushed back numerous times. If development of the game runs into some issues, it could even be the second half of 2020 before you finally get your hands on the game.

Doom movie

Elsewhere, a new Doom movie, 'Doom: Annihilation' has been making headlines for the wrong reasons after a trailer was released on March 11.

Some Doom fans will be wondering if this is part of the upcoming Doom Eternal game - there is a clear answer to that, it certainly is not.

Bethesda provided a blunt response when asked for an opinion on the trailer: "We're not involved with the movie."

With a 94% dislike ratio, an astounding amount for a YouTube video, it is no wonder Bethesda want to remove all association with the movie.

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