Does WWE 2K23 have crossplay? Cross-platform guide

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WWE 2K23 features online elements and was released on various platforms, so we’ll answer the main questions today including if WWE 2K23 has crossplay, and if it supports cross-platform progression.

WWE 2K23 has proven to be another incredibly solid addition to the long-running WWE franchise and its wide variety of modes, graphics, and accurate depiction of professional wrestling has been a huge factor in this.

As a result, more potential players are getting on board, but it has also left some questioning certain aspects of the wrestling sim. Does WWE 2K23 feature crossplay across multiplayer matches? Also, can players save their progress and carry it on via a different platform with cross-platform progression?

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Does WWE 2K23 have cross-platform progression?

If you want to be able to transfer your WWE 2K23 save data between last-gen and current-gen, or you need to switch between PC and Xbox, for example, then that’s fine as WWE 2K23 supports cross-platform progression.

In the official FAQ for the game, 2K games had this to say: “Yes, Cross-Progression and Shared VC Wallet apply to Xbox and PlayStation console families – PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S. However, DLC items won’t carry over from one generation to another.”

Does WWE 2K23 have crossplay?

On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to teaming up with your buddies in WarGames or facing them 1-on-1 in Hell in a Cell across platforms, then this won’t be possible as WWE 2K23 doesn’t allow for crossplay.

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This has been a recurring theme in WWE 2K games, and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason why or an indication that it will be arriving in the future.

Things can always change, so never say never, if things do, we’ll update this guide with the latest information for you.

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