Does Gran Turismo 7 have free roam?

gran turismo 7 parked carPolyphony Digital

Games and franchises do try to move with the times and start to do what other leading competitors do too. Free roam has become a popular addition to racing games over the years, but has Gran Turismo 7 followed suit?

We gave Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 7 a ton of praise in our review as we think it’s arguably the best, pure racing sim of all time. Between gorgeous graphics and authentic driving mechanics, Gran Turismo 7 is practically everything you could want out of a competitive racing game.

Free roam in this genre has become more prevalent in the last decade, with the likes of the Need For Speed franchise popularizing it, along with Burnout Paradise. More recently, the Forza Horizon series has become a total playground for exploration, but does Gran Turismo 7 also offer these free roam liberties?

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porsche driving through rain in gran turismo 7Polyphony Digital
Free roam has become a popular feature that some racing games have become centered around.

What is free roam?

Free roam is the ability for a player to pick a car and drive around the game’s locations in their own time outside the confines of a race or event. It allows the user to explore the map, observe different areas, and seek out collectibles and Easter Eggs that the devs have inserted into the environment.

Whereas direct events on chosen circuits were a staple of the early years of driving games, many franchises have now ventured into free roam territory.

parked lamborghini in gt7Polyphony Digital
Sadly, fans of free roam will have to look elsewhere as GT7 isn’t that kind of racing game.

Is there free roam in GT7?

Polyphony Digital does not provide players with the chance to free roam in Gran Turismo 7. Instead, the devs have stuck with the tried and tested formula that has made the franchise a staple of the racing genre and a mainstay name on the PlayStation.

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To make up for the lack of free exploration, Gran Turismo 7 has over 100 track variations for players to enjoy through Races, Championships, License Tests, Missions, and Circuit Experience events. They are all fixed to a particular track or section of it, and there is no grander open world to explore at any point.

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