Does Fire Emblem Engage have multiplayer or co-op?

Fire emblem engage co-op or multiplayerIntelligent Systems

Fire Emblem Engage is the highly-anticipated newest addition in the tactical RPG series, boasting new characters and classic strategy mechanics – but does it have multiplayer or co-op capabilities? We have all the answers here.

The classic tactical role-playing game is quickly garnering positive reviews and popularity among fans of the series and JRPGs in general, with many players eager to explore the mystical and beautiful lands of Elyos. However, the nature of the turn-based tactical game has led many players to wonder, is Fire Emblem Engage a multiplayer or co-op game?

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Luckily, we have the answer, as well as a few details regarding what modes you can enjoy. Here’s everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Engage’s multiplayer and co-op capabilities.

Does Fire Emblem Engage have multiplayer or co-op?

Fire emblem engage co-opIntelligent Systems
Fire Emblem Engage may not have co-op but you can still play with others.

Fire Emblem Engage does not have co-op capabilities, but it does have a multiplayer mode, in the form of the Tower of Trials experience.

Tower of Trials is a multiplayer mode designed to give players the chance to join a squad together and fight other players or AIs. The squad can either be filled with fellow players, or you can choose to fight with AIs. That squad will be pitted against the AI version of other players’ squads, taking turns in a strategic battle.

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That means it’s not a true co-op experience as you may expect, but a more asynchronous option that can lead to some fun tactical matchups as you trade off turns with other players.

Within the Tower of Trials, players can also set defences to create challenging combat scenarios for other players.

The Tower of Trials was announced through the Fire Emblem Twitter on December 27, 2022, and states, albeit through translation, that the mode encourages “cooperation with other online players and playing one map while taking turns.”

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The base game will not have multiplayer or co-op capabilities, instead focusing on a single-player campaign. Instead, you’ll need to head over to the Tower of Trials to play with friends and others.

That’s all the information we have regarding Fire Emblem Engages multiplayer and coop capabilities. When more information is announced or the status changes we will update this article so be sure to check back soon.

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