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DJ provides questionable Sub-Zero voice acting for Mortal Kombat 11

Published: 17/Aug/2019 1:10 Updated: 22/Apr/2020 12:17

by Bill Cooney


Belgian DJ Dimitri Vegas released his original track for Mortal Kombat 11 and fans are now discovering the DJ’s voice over talents.

Along with the original track, Vegas also debuted a skin for Sub-Zero in MK 11 modeled after himself, if that weren’t enough, the DJ also provided all the voice line for the skin as well.

Sub-Zero is voiced in MK 11 by Mike Blum, unless you’re using Vegas’s skin, which makes playing the character a whole new experience and something that Sub-Zero fans will either hate or love.

Dimitri Vegas’s Sub-Zero skin in Mortal Kombat 11.

Is it really that bad?

Mortal Kombat fans have been getting their first tastes of Vegas’s Sub-Zero from files found in the game, and it’s not the skin’s appearance that has them riled up.

It’s the, shall we say, interesting way in which the DJ chooses to make his delivery. Twitter user Raphael Blu asked “What kinda Tommy Wiseau ass voice acting is this?” before posting a clip of what they were talking about.

We can’t fault Vegas for not trying, because he’s obviously giving it his all and having a great time, he just hasn’t been properly trained. Besides, would you turn down the chance to be put into your favorite video game?

He’s not the only untrained voice actor on the MK 11 credits though, former MMA fighter Ronda Rousey is voicing Sonya Blade – something fans have had plenty to say about already.

How can we get this amazing skin?

For all it’s flaws, the “Dimitri Zero” skin, as fans are calling it, will be available for free, voice lines included, starting August 22.

Expect plenty more critiques of Vegas’s voice acting and plenty of memes when Dimitri Zero finally becomes available.

Rogue Company

Rogue Company devs respond to reports of players randomly losing Reputation

Published: 24/Oct/2020 3:31

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Rogue Company players have reported that their hard-earned Reputation has been disappearing, but a Hi-Rez Studios developer finally responded, assuring them it’s nothing more than an irritable visual bug.

Hi-Rez Studios have been hard at work trying to keep Rogue Company, their latest title, up to scratch. After a long and ultimately successful closed-beta, it went cross-platform and free-to-play, and it’s been steadily growing in popularity ever since.

To keep the interest growing, Hi-Rez Studios has partnered with Dr Disrespect to include a picture-perfect skin and even a level designed entirely by him.

However, problems and hiccups will inevitably occur along the way. Since the latest patch went live, players have been reporting that their Reputation has been disappearing.

Rogue Company Reputation Glitch
Hi-Rez Studios
A user logged in to Rogue Company and realized their Reputation was missing.

Reputation is the in-game currency players earn based on performances in matches and finishing challenges. It’s what you use to unlock new characters and buy cosmetic items.

It going missing is obviously a big deal. No Reputation means you can’t unlock new character you might have spent hours grinding for.

Thankfully, Hi-Rez are aware of the problem. It’s just a visual bug: no one’s Reputation is going anywhere.

“This is in fact a known issue the team is working on resolving,” developer ‘Radar’ told players on Reddit.

“Rest assured your Reputation, Rogue Bucks, Mastery experience, level, etc… are all stored safely in a database with redundancies. What folks are seeing is the result of the game not loading these values correctly.”

Rogue Company Reputation Glitch

It’s terrific news for players and fans who must have been panicking in the meantime.

There’s nothing worse than losing all your progression in a game, especially on a competitive shooter like Rogue Company, where it takes quite a bit of time to accumulate.

So, if you see this happen to you, don’t panic. Just log out, log back in, and restart your game. Your hard-earned Reputation should reappear, and you’ll be back in business.