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Disney MOBA coming to Apple Arcade and it’s magically bizarre

Published: 15/Nov/2021 17:41

by Lauren Bergin


Apple have announced that a brand new Disney-themed MOBA, Melee Mania, is coming to mobile in December, 2021, and we’ve got all of the info right here. 

When people think of a MOBA they most likely think of Riot Games’ iconic League of Legends, or the millions that can be earned playing competitive DoTA 2.

What they don’t think of, though, is a Disney-inspired adventure that sees some of the franchise’s classic characters battle it out to take down the others’ base.

Well, that’s exactly what Apple Arcade players can expect this December, as Mighty Bear Games have forced these two very different worlds to collide in their new mobile title, Disney Melee Mania.


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Mighty Bear Games
Wreck-It-Ralph’s ultimate is set to demolish in those all-important team fights.

Apple releasing Disney Melee Mania in December

Have you ever wanted to freeze your foes, Frozen-style? Or perhaps master the tides as Pixar’s Polynesian princess, Moana? This game will let you do just that.

Released with 12 characters initially, but set to broaden out to include icons from Disney’s vast cinematic universe, players will battle it out in five-minute-long matches (a little less than your average LoL game) to see who reigns supreme over the Disney universe.

Equipped with their unique sets of skills and tasked with taking down their opponents in teams of three in a variety of different game modes, it looks like no two matches will be the same.


Designed in classic MOBA style, the trailer shows off an intense battle featuring everyone from the classic Mickey Mouse himself to the evil Maleficent.

Disney Melee Mania release date

While there’s nothing set in stone at the moment, Apple Arcade have announced that Disney Melee Mania is set to release in December 2021.

As LEGO Star Wars: Castaways is set to release on December 19, we can expect the Disney MOBA to drop sometime around then as well, making it the perfect Christmas game!